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Season 5
Season 5 has started, time to abandon your studies and play Toribash!
(that was a joke please don't drop out of school kids)

Promotional art made by Hagan


Toribash Ranking is based on a seasonal system.
There are three seasons per year, each 3 months long. Best players of each year's seasons will compete in Toribash World Championships for the title of the best player of the year.
At the end of each season, players who qualified for Silver Tier or higher receive unique prizes.
The higher you ranked during the season, the better prizes you'll receive - starting with mid-tier body colors and up to Elite Tier color packs with unique full body customization sets.

How to play

To qualify for a rank tier during a season, you need to play at least 10 ranked games.
Main way to earn rank is to play in Ranked Matchmaking mode. Additionally, there will be two public Ranked servers available for players below Platinum Tier until December. What's more, by winning ranked fights you not only climb up ranks but also earn additional XP for your clan!


At the end of the season, players who qualified for a rank tier will receive prizes:

  • Rank 1:
    • Demon Pack, Mysterio Pack
    • 450,000 Toricredits
    • 25 Shiai Tokens
    • + rank tier item rewards

  • Rank 2:
    • Alpha Pack, Pure Pack
    • 300,000 Toricredits
    • 20 Shiai Tokens
    • + rank tier item rewards

  • Rank 3:
    • Elf Pack, Vortex Pack
    • 200,000 Toricredits
    • 15 Shiai Tokens
    • + rank tier item rewards

  • Diamond Tier:
    • Upgradeable 3D item set (TBA), Diamond Tori 3D set, Comic FX, Random Limited Edition Shiai Color Pack
    • 100,000 Toricredits
    • 10 Shiai Tokens

  • Platinum Tier:
    • Upgradeable 3D item set (TBA), Comic FX, Random Limited Edition Shiai Color Pack
    • 7 Shiai Tokens

  • Gold Tier:
    • Upgradeable 3D item (TBA), Random Limited Edition Shiai Joints
    • 5 Shiai Tokens

  • Silver Tier:
    • Random Limited Edition Shiai Force
    • 3 Shiai Tokens

Other info

  • Toribash ranking features elo decay system.
    After a week of ranked inactivity (3 days for diamond tier players), your elo will start decreasing by 2 points every day.

  • You can only receive your rewards on one account.
    In case you play ranked on multiple accounts using same PC, only one account will receive the prize (one with most logins during season live period).

  • Toribash staff may reset your rank and elo if you're suspected of rank farming.
    Severe cases of rank farming may also result in your account's limited or permanent termination.

  • You can view the public list of all currently ranked players here on forum.

Season 5 ends on December 15th, 2018 at 18.00 PM GMT.

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Perfection omg
They need tc to upgrade?
How the full set looks like?
Sadboy sadboy, what u gonna do... What u gonna do...
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<3 <3 <3
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can we have this as an early christmas present please
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Originally Posted by Goat View Post
Renders: Big photos

*bites fist*

Looks cool, cant wait to see the finished product :^)
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<3 <3 <3
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im waiting :3

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change the clan to alejan
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Originally Posted by sir View Post
Unfortunately, Item Forgers couldn't finish the upgradeable items pack in time, so that part of Season 5 rewards will be distributed until the end of the month.

I've heard the set is actually finnished, and December is over so could we get the thing pls thank u

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sir is away at the moment if im not wrong.
so you might have to wait for some time unless people arent lazy when bigboss is gone.
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...So this season's upgradeable items have been delivered, at last.
Sorry for the delay, hope you all can still enjoy your prizes!
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Ty. When is the next season?
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toribash warning me just now :c
Believe in something.
Even if it means sacrificing everything.

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Originally Posted by Fire View Post
Ty. When is the next season?

3698 PM me if you want to see a secret.
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