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Old Feb 10, 2018   #1
Wibbles Jesus
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Monster Hunter: World
I recently got the game and have played for a while and kinda like it.
Seems like a really grindy game like Destiny or Warframe but it definitely plays on you needing skill and focus when fighting harder enemies, even in a group.
Any thoughts or opinions?

yar har
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Old Feb 10, 2018   #2
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I almost stopped the game where we had to choose our weaponry, it took me a real our to make choice haha.

The game is pretty cool, I played every single MH and this one make some several changes and renovations which cure the series. Pretty happy.

I use to stay alone but the game seems funnier with friends.
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I got the game on release, the only turn off for me is there is very little audio from voice actors in conversation, for a monster hunter game I know they had a good budget and didn't have to cut out dialogue but hey I wasn't the manager.
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Old Feb 10, 2018   #4
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OMG i cannot fucking wait for this to come out on pc
i am going to cream so hard when it does
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i wish i could play it
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Old Feb 10, 2018   #6
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Game is pretty awesome.

If you're an old player, there's really nothing to hate about it (besides maybe lack of G-Rank). And if you're new, then it's super accessible compared to the older games.

Really awesome game, I'll even ignore Nergigante's insane hit boxes.
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