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Old Jul 24, 2018   #3551
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uh yeah people wondering where I am or what I'm up to
I'm still lurking and I guess I'll start posting here more

also who cares about money when you got welfare (⌐■_■)

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"People never grow up, they just learn how to act in public."—Bryan White
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Old Jul 30, 2018   #3554
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Hi mikes
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Old Jul 31, 2018   #3555
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All stars has merged with WAPOW
I quote
"You have all been an absolute joy running and being apart of this clan. Me and Mafia have decided to Merge the Clan With WAPOW to create a stronger foundation from an older clan that still stands.

Wapow has been around forever and i would like to focus my time on a clan that can succeed in CL again, that we have more ability to work from ground up again.

Mocucha has shifted his video to Wapow, and everyone that has been Kicked from @here Will receive a temporary invite to join Wapow under @Mafia , Flames and myself of leader ship. I have always found a better ability to create a family and closer friend ship within wapow. Please come join us as we want to continue this family and continue on our projects. We have hit all achievements with AS while wapow has not. Lets revive this clan together with a new journey. Wapow Discord:

Farewell. RiP All stars.

See you boys on the other side " ~Mikes
Of all the money that ever I had, I’ve spent it in good company
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But since it falls unto my lot
That I should live and you should not
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Quack's Club

Pm me for help or if you have any questions.
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It was a great run guys, farewell AS <3
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But AS was a clan full of WAPOW members and such and in the end a merge would make you guys both clans in one. The name means not. The members and friends make the clan along with the journey and I see a good story behind the clans. In the end I like to think of it as the All Stars WAPOW Clan. But I guess that would not sound right to some people. Just stopping in for a quick message. Cheers.
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