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Halloween Horrors!

As you all know it's only 84 days left until Halloween 2k17. Can I get a Whoop Whoop?
(InsertYourNameHere): Whoop Whoop!
Yeah, that's what I like to see!

In this event, you'll need to create some Halloween hype by thinking of and stating a cool Halloween 2k17 themed 3D object concept! Who knows, maybe it'll be released for Halloween this year? ;)

Originally Posted by Reta View Post
Hey there concepts arent just names to something, a rough sketch and description should be included.

All global rules apply.
No copying.
You may have as many concepts as you'd like, but keep them in one post.
Stick to the theme "Halloween 2k17"
If you are caught breaking the rules your soul will be sold to Icky himself.

The best 3D item idea will be made available for all to purchase during the Halloween season and the user that created it will receive:
Their 3D item + 50k + 5ST + 10% of all sales made from their Halloween item.

That's not all!

If we like your concept enough, your item will be made and sent to you free of charge, it will also be tradeable and you'll receive 10k + 2ST on top of that!

The ES team.

1 month from this post.

<Icky> Butler is the worst es
<Reta> can I fire him yet ?
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Originally Posted by KDigityDog View Post
So my item idea is like a "futuristic" style pistol

Item Desc:
"An ancient relic from long ago... It doesn't work any more, but it still looks cool to have on your hip"

nilla is that a vasto prime
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Don't know if this was taken yet but... here's mine

Soul in a bottle!

Item Desc:
"Oh hey! Looks it's... wait... that's not Casper..."

Attached Thumbnails
Concept Art.png   Concept Art 2.png  
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Spooky Wing's worth 300k

look like fish friend

Demon's tail

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Quid's halloween ideas.
PumpkinPhones: Headphones designed for listening to spooky beats or spooky shrieks!

Rawrlien!: Definitely not based off of a 90's movie! ( Inspiration from tf2 and predator)

BackBone: Something you grow and something you can beat your opponents with!

Bwroom! Can't fly it but you will look fly!

Clown nose: I nose it looks bad.

Werewuff: Cute or scary? It's both (Like sonic head, but instead a werewolf, that is sorta scary and sorta cute)

Bwrainz!: Got a-head of myself. (similar to cyborg, takes half the face. upper right half of head gone)

Death hood: Let your opponents know who's the reaper. (grim reaper hood on tori's head)

Attached Thumbnails
pumpkins.jpg   pumpkin phones.png   RAWRLIEN.jpg   rawrlienz.jpg   BackBone.png  

MagicalBroom.png   clown nose.png   wwhead.png   werwolfhed.png   Brainz!.png  

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Freddy Krueger hands/hat.
Demon goat horns/legs
Custom texture paper masks?
Or a snake head.
Maybe a bucket full of candy, I dunno.
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My ideas:

The bolts in the head like Frankenstein:
The hood is Jeff the killer:
The horns of the devil:
Scary clown mask:
Arrow in the head:
Thank you for watching my ideas :3
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Deadpool swords
I need my swords man...
Attached Images
File Type: bmp deadpool swords on tori.bmp (1.44 MB, 11 views)
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Second time I"m writting this
Didn't read the whole forum so I'm not 100% sure nobody tells them before me tho


More incoming, pics incoming. Names should be changed tho
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Johnny from the shining:
This example is just a sketch of how it is supposed to be (framing the head)
this could be a very funny approach on the psychotic johnny from shining.


nightmare before christmas:
Jack Skellingtons bow tie:
i like the idea of a skellington set with a 3 dimensional bow tie. This thing is classic as well as underrated and not used anywhere at all.


Oogie Boogie:
Halloween themed you see a lot of micheal myres, freddy krueger and other classic halloween monsters.... they're everywhere... why not show true fear! :P. I think that such a small oogie boogy has a nice effect on the tori. Supposed in this example to be kind of a parrot on a shoulder or something .


Oogie Boogie kid's mask(barrel):
mask on top of the head because i don't like 3d objects covering nice textures and with this you could actually get a barrel head texture unmasked with the mask on top.


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Hallo blub
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Originally Posted by 1deadpooI View Post
I need my swords man...

Item Desc: "I'm touching myself tonight."
Sorry I f****ed up. MOTHER F****ER I'M STUPID!!

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