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One Bang Dan
One Bang Dan Black Belt
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Clan Squad is recruiting!

Hi hello guys, the clan squad are currently looking for new blood to help us moderate the clan boards and generally over see much of the clan related things that go on in toribash.

What is Clan Squad?
Clan squad have orange usernames (we don't have any right now) and act as local moderators of the clan boards. They make sure the unofficial DSC threads follow the rules of the board and are up to a certain standard. They also help with clan activity checks and give opinions on clan related projects that may be happening behind the scenes.
The work load isn't huge most of the time, and it's a really nice way to get into staffing and seeing how things work if you're interested in the clan system.

What are we looking for?
We're looking for a level un-biased head on your shoulders and the ability to actively and helpfully contribute to discussions, while being able to help clans follow the rules. If you've gotten this far and are thinking this position might be for you, then keep reading!

How do I apply?
Send your applications to Orko or Erth
The application doesn't need to be huge, just tell us why you think you'd be good for the position. By the same token, don't just give us 3 lines asking to be added! Put some effort into it.
A guide on applications can be found here!

How long have i got?
End date is three weeks from this post. 4th of Feb.

If you have any further questions, please post in the thread asking, and we'll do our best to respond. Please do not post saying that you've applied, or wishing others (or yourself) luck. We, and everyone else, don't care.

Having said that, good luck to any applicant that chooses to apply, we're looking forward to hearing from you!
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Clan Squad Lead - pm me for questions
Not currently taking Clan Squad applications

Also I stream tetris

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Whenever they get ready.
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probably satan
4th Dan Black Belt
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hope I got in

Queen Donut rules my kingdom
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Free Sunther
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Smegma Encrusted Belt
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Congratulations to FighterKHV, Daedalus, Tricerafi and dick for making the cut!

Shout out to everyone who applied! If you didn't get in this time around it doesn't mean you won't get in the next time you try. Don't give up hope because hope is what keeps this world turning. I love you. Dog bless.
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probably satan
4th Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Oct 2017
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well done to everybody that got in!
Queen Donut rules my kingdom
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Free Sunther
i stream on twitch because YT is a bitch.
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Help Squad
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Congratulations to Tricerafi and Daedalus, you guys truly deserved it!
Do me proud, guys.
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Well done everybody!
Quack's Club

Pm me for help or if you have any questions.
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