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New record ideas and entries
Idea 1) Least damage over 0 done to uke
[I got 56]

Idea 2) Fastest speed achieved in "set frame count"
[I got 39.8 in 20 frames]

Thanks for reading. I don't know if these are any good but it is worth a try maybe?
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I don't think there would be a place for least damage over 0 done to uke. It'd be like getting the least amount of skeetshots, but you have to get at least one skeetshot to get the record.

The only way to make fastest speed achieved in X frames work would be to make it an acceleration record in one frame (doesn't have to be on the 1st possible frame you move), similar to the most points in one frame. Or over 500 frames, which is the standard amount of frames, similar to the most skeet shots in 500 frames, or most points in 500 frames. The latter wouldn't work since only the fastest speed you achieved in the replay is saved, rendering it pointless and redundant since we already have the fastest speed achieved as a record. The 1st one makes much more sense as a record. It's essentially the most points in 1 frame, but with speed.

I did propose the fastest speed acceleration in 1 frame about 4 years ago, without any response. I can bring it up again to the other moderators to get their 2 cents on it.
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I would be fine with a biggest acceleration record or something similar.
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I don't have a say in this but I think the least damage one is fine to be honest

I've never actually tried it but I imagine it could be very hard to even get a single digit ammount of points, and its something you can easily measure.
The problem is obviously that theoretically it could come to a point where the record is unbeatable but I don't see anyone getting a perfect "1" anytime soon and if they do that's an achievement

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so I gave lowest points in a hit a quick shot. the best I could get was 20. replay below

it wasn't particularly difficult, however single digit number points will be pretty nuts if it were ever achieved. I think I had a change of heart on this idea.

any other mods want to throw in their two cents?
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One of the main things we tried to change with the introduction of the BOR MKIII were records that could be perfected. If we're to add a record that has that potential we should try to be sure that it's at least a couple years away from being attained. We don't want to add a record that's just gonna be thrown out in the next year.

If you guys are confident that this is something that isn't going to become another fastest balance I'm game to put it in the book.
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