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Furthest whole uke throw
well since this record doesnt exist yet i kept it simple and not too hard to beat.
idk why this record doesnt exist yet. but i hope this is valid
Edit: i dont know how to measure this. like im not able to go into the replay skript and look it up. but i really hope u guys can ;-;
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File Type: rpl Furthest whole uke throw.rpl (24.6 KB, 9 views)

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no idea if it's valid but, sounds fun
not sure if I'm using this script right but, I used Dafe's script to measure distance. It is marked where uke's head was when you loaded the script so this record could be measure by where uke's head was when he touches the ground

here I used the script in the exact frame that uke touched the ground in my replay, and the loaded your replay without unloading the script. I risked on red mine

Also, attaching the script
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File Type: rpl ay.rpl (30.2 KB, 3 views)
File Type: lua distance.lua (1.3 KB, 1 views)

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alright sounds like a fun challenge;
I also used Dafe's script and it also showed me that 0 thing.
Instead, I opened the replay, edited it on the last frame and relaxed uke's neck to register the position of uke on the frame of impact, then opened it in notepad and checked the last registered frame. In this case I measured the distance of uke's head.

lionet's throw

I also decided to participate in the fun, I scored..

halue's throw

Also, another question, if there's highest throw unassisted and assisted, would there be furthest throw assisted and unassisted?
Ok, Lionet sent me this and had to go so I'm posting it for him, he scored a -14.36635040 on Y position (uke's head)

lionet throw 2

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File Type: rpl uke throw.rpl (60.0 KB, 4 views)
File Type: rpl lionet throw.rpl (52.1 KB, 2 views)
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oh yeah
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We used dafe's script for longest jump to decap since it was being beaten by small amounts, unlike something like farthest accurate throw which gets beaten by like 1000 ED each time so we didn't think it would be necessary to be extremely accurate with it. In this case, we could probably stick to measuring with dafe's script and if necessary look at the Y values of the body part farthest from 0 when he hits the ground.
I'm thinking the better strategy for this would probably be to do a manip with lots of momentum and then throw Uke at some point, in which case it would be measured from the frame after Tori last touches Uke, until Uke touches the ground. Like the replay below (just an example, I cheated by removing the dms that happen when my elbow touches Uke's pec).

The problem is that it might not be optimal to eyeball it since Uke is in the air and the ruler is on the ground, so we might actually need to check the Y values in most cases.
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File Type: rpl test.rpl (203.6 KB, 5 views)
oh yeah

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My issue is that it wouldn't be intuitive to measure. We should have records that are easy to measure, or at most, use a script (See: Longest Jump to Decap). Going into notepad to look at Y values of ukes movement might not be user friendly to some, or even overwhelming with all the numbers and information. Until we have an easier way to properly measure it, or if someone makes an improved version of Dafe's script to properly set the ruler to work at any distance rather than just the engage distance, I don't think we should add it.

With that said, if we do have an easier way to measure the distance thrown, I'm all in for it being added. Until then, I don't think we'll add it.
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I agree with Rfifan

Apparently War_Hero said he was going to create a script to measure distance but never happened tho
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