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relics of a dead game
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Special Blood and animated head texture
Could be cool idea to introduce new special types of blood items/effects (f.ex) such as rainbow, feathers, confetti, anti-gravity blood. Blood items that do not look like colored goo when you get hit but are more "interesting" looking, maybe having even a different effect compared from the rest. (anti gravity could float mid air for instance or float upward instead).

I think I suggested this years ago too, but I do not really remember why it was not possible to be realized, but well.. another thing that might be interesting is the animated .gif head texture. So people could create a glare effect on the eyes of their character, or blinking, smiling and such and much more.
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Dator Mortis
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Tbh these are all good ideas.
I think the drawback is the engine. Tb next is coming on unity engine. Not sure this is the reason tho
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Rainbow blood and the like is unfortunately not possible.
I tried to acquire one on my own (paying $$ for it) but I've been told that's not doable.
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relics of a dead game
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how about having a hit texture? so the texture changes when you are hit in the head?
less heavy than a gif and can spice up things and open more creative possibilities.
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I support on what chikin said above:

lets say getting hit really hard changes your texture (which is another item you have to buy and another version of the head you have to upload)

another example is when you get dismembered, your head changes textures etc. etc.

would actually love to see this in-game or if not possible, in TB next.
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