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Achievements overhaul
Just curious about what the process of adding achievemts is from staffs perspective

It feels like half the ones we got are clan league related, and a lot of the rest aren't challenges, but rewards for just existing a long time.
It would be a lot of fun to have more things like the 'win 10 wars in a row' achievement (which can actually be quite hard) but at higher limits.
It's also a bit odd that the clan activity achievement has 5 tiers of activity but for some reason ends at 1 year of activity.. like is that really that uncommon?

I guess it's a mix of a complaint and suggestion, but what it really boils down to is there's not a lot of achievements you can actually hunt for, and those are really the only fun ones.
What makes them extra good is seeing that you got one that's rare.

So to reiterate:
Could we have more rare challenge based achievements?
Is it a tedious thing for staff to engage in?
Are there any planned new ones?
PM me with any and all questions

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guess i was impatient

Originally Posted by sir View Post
what you can do in the meanwhile is suggest some good achievements / achievement types. "Win x games in this mod" is pretty simple to add and we already have that (even though they don't work properly), I'm talking about actually fun achievements that don't just rely on farming games.

I think a generally higher limit to the tiered achievements is well in order
Some things I'd really want to see are:

Win 1/5/10/20 clan wars in ABD Aikido and Greykido/ErthTk and Tk/Lenshu3ng/judofrac (multiple achievements that push people to war in more than just ABD)
as well as higher bars overall, for all achievements, for example Win 20 clan wars in a row instead of just 10 or be active for 3 years instead of just 1
PM me with any and all questions

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Dator Mortis
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Imo they should just hide that hole achivement thing until it is fixed.
I'd keep just personal and event achiventsand make a separate subsection at the bottom of page for them and only show the ones the player has. Don't fill it with junk like clan league achivements and lama and pony that you can't get anymore.

As other achivements that are obtainable by anyone here is a list:

1. Some rank related achivements that are realistic to the player base and work
2. All color full set achivements that work and are not binded by packs or other random items
3. Belt achivements ofc witch reward untradable belt item in-game of the color of the belt you are
4. Some mod achivents. I think the 1000 games/mod is sufficient. Mods imo should be Aikido or abd, judo or judofrac, tk or some other tk mod, lenshu_3ng ofc, wushu?, mushu-boxshu, ninjutsu maybe...idk. At least 5 based pro mods.
5. Some decap achivements. 25 - 50 - 100 with 2 months refresh...or idk how they were designed to work... and career decap achivements 500 - 1000 - 5000 - 10000 career decaps
This should only work in official rooms or certain mods
6. The collectibles achivements... i'd give them a no go but if more are made it would give collectible items more value and they would be more desired. So either get them out or make more
7. Make 1 name change achivement
8. Some sp uke achivements - decap, split, 4 - 6 -8 - 10 - full dm in some designated special mod and certain ammount of frames...mabe speed and altitude related achivement
9. Upload your first head - just for fun, one of the first you get
10. be in a clan
11. stay loyal to a clan for 1 - 2 - 3 years
12. Make history - legend status
13. achivements for staff position - at the bottom of page nicely ordered past and present
14. get banned and permaban achivements
15. Points career achivements - big numbers 1000 000, 10 000 000, 50 000 000, 1billion points scored
16.Achivement for every year spent in the comunity maybe...
Pm me for deals
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what happened to this
was it brought up
PM me with any and all questions
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