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Well.... um help me cork right
i never got around to learning a proper cork i have done them in spars but never while tricking and this is my attempt help me get he right motion spins landing ect

ty ahead of time

ill take all the tips and implement them into my next cork atempt
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OK I'll try to help you out.
First off, try something that gives you more momentum, like a raiz or a btwist. If you know how to do those, in a few weeks your tricking replays will be amazing.

You're lacking flip.

take off

You need to swing your arms together once both your legs are pointing the same direction, extend your abs, extend your kicking leg's glute, also, you should only rotate your chest once your arms are on a 90º angle, keep your pecs together Heres what it should look like.

example-take off

Right after you leave the air, you need to take all your tori's weight, and turn him into a tilted "pole", basically keeping your weight together and allowing you to rotate and spin backwards to complete the flip.


Heres what it should look like.


Landing the cork is one of the hardest things in a cork.
Dont be afraid of it, the cork is an intimidating trick to beginners, but in a week or two you'll have this trick in the bag.
So, when your tori is about 90º away from the full rotation. Start rotating your chest and tilting your lumbar the other way around until they are back to normal.

landing example 1

Once your tori has the non kicking leg coming down to the ground, you want to have a strong firm landing, where your upperbody is around 105º away from your non kicking leg. In this example my kicking leg is too far back because I did another swing to another cork.

landing example 2

After that, pull the leg thats firm on the ground back and let the kicking leg balance you out.

landing example 3

And that was pretty much the best way i could explain you on how to land corks.
I'll also post the replay I used as the examples.
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thanks this will help alot i really love the motovation thanks alot
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