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Originally Posted by McFarbo View Post
recruit staff who dont have anger issues like tyzi

or catfish issuess. Tyzi gonna preteend to be a 14 y/o girl on TB Next as well i wonder

Better staff management please on TB Next.
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I guess ya'll forgot about veb then lol. This is the improved staff.

Yea I want to see a revamp of the controls. Inverse kinematics would be nice, why should I have to click on joints to do what I want? Would make the learning curve less steep as well. Thats the main thing I'm looking forward to in tb next. I think the models are fine but maaaaybe they could use a redesign I remember seeing some very nice models that gorman made a long time ago for what he imagined was 5.0.

Click the eet.
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Originally Posted by mack
hampa told me in person that he's not a fan of the idea and that he gets aksed about it daily
he'd rather just make a brand new game for that



inverse kinematics is just not happening
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Probably the best thing to do for TB Next to have a chance to be good from the start is to FUCKING CHANGE THE TUTORIALS and make this more newbie friendly. From my experience when i started this game i found it pretty weird and hard at the same time, still to this day i don't know what made me try to understand this game and learn to play it, maybe its uniqueness. Today a lot of new players abandon it because they find it too hard to learn and the tutorials don't teach you anything. All the fight uke challenges are bad and can be countered with 2 moves at most, let's not say that some of those openers fail without even doing something.
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Have a new ES team
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hi, i'm going to go ahead and close this

it's attracting necrobumpists (with bad posts) which is really gross

if you have really awesome input that you think might revive the conversation, you can feel free to PM me and I'll reopen it for you

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