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(Co) Cookie Clan Recruitment Thread

Welcome to our recruitment thread. You can post you app here.
Your app should be free form, but contain important details such as name, age, previous clans, strengths etc.

A few requirements:
Atleast Black Belt. Alt accounts with main accounts that have black belt while the alt doesn't will not be allowed to enter.

App should be fairly long, and informative. Apps that are not up to par will probably be denied outright.

Example of a good application

Warning: Do not copy this application. This is just an example.

Good luck!
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Hello, here is my application.

My real name is Lucas, but you can tell me Lucky, i am 13 years old and i'm doing this application cause i like cookies

I stopped to play Toribash cause i have played Black Ops 3 but i returned to stay, my favorite mods include aikido and spar, i am Brazilian, but i speak some english, i play other games but i am go active in the clan and in the game.

My hobbies is play xbox, computer, ride on bike, and talk whit my friends, whit the school returns i can go some inactive, but i go stay playing.

The master potato ^-^
Welcome in, Lucky5921. Make yourself at home.
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I am jeffice my real name is James and I am 15 I like cookies and this is a small clan so I decided to try to join. Ive been in many clans and Ive left all of them because of inactivity. I am more of a forum person then in game. I may be in active because I am in my high schools marching band so practices end late at night. My hobbies include playing the flute ,vidoes games,making music and art. I hope you love me.
and should have wrote more on there app.
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Hello jeffice.
We are willing to give you a chance if you rewrite your app and put some more effort into it. Take your time.
Ello' my name is Alex I am 14 years old

Ive recently been trying to return to tb, I live in New York (GMT -4). This account (Liris) is my main. With school I have hardly any time to play toribash and i've recently have had time to practice and be active. I started playing this game in Oct 27, 2013 but inactive for a few months. I will start to post frequently and be active online. If I ever go inactive or don't post my Steam and skype are Oraxx_ and kik is Oraxx
I make mods and replays. My Fav mods are Xspar, Abd, Aikido, and mushu/wushu. I also play CounterStrike and Garry's mod on pc.

-Past clans-
-Roman Empire
And probably more I have missed

-Accounts + Belts-

Lane12345 -5th dan
Nuxx- yellow
those are my alts, as I said this is now my main.

I would like to join this clan because I want to return to Toribash and toribash is not as fun without a clan. I also want to join because I want to meet new people online and you seem nice and friendly ( and cute ;3).

-Bad History

-Replays/Mods/Playercards -


I made the Race for the Gems and the replay !liris_race goes with it.

Hope you enjoyed and will consider me as a possible recruit.

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