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Official Clans

What are Official clans?

Official clans are those clans which are recognized by the community; more specifically they have been deemed good enough by clan staff to be given Official status. Being official not only means your clan is recognized, it also comes with quite a few perks.

Your own board

Normal, unofficial clans get two threads: their main discussion thread and their recruitment thread. Official clans get their own entire board to use however they like. As many threads as you'd like.

More freedom

There are more relaxed rules we will hold you to when you're using your own board:
  1. Respect people's authority when posting in their clan boards/threads. Any unwelcome invades, trolling, harassment or general aggravation caused as a result of you being inconsiderate or disrespectful will be punished.
  2. Regardless of the quality, posts are expected to at least provide some meaningful contribution. While moderation of useless posts in this board is much less strict than others, your thread is designed to be a discussion place for your clan. Using it for mindless spam is not allowed.
  3. Abide by the general forum rules at all times, found here. Clan discussion is moderated in a more relaxed way to most of the forum - friendly use of otherwise banned language is acceptable so long as rule 1 is respected (and it doesn't get gratuitous).

Your own moderators

You will also be able to have up to three moderators from within your own clan to moderate the board however you see fit. When you apply for official you will list the guys you want here initially. Over time, you may want to change who is moderating your board - if you are a clan leader you can PM the Clan Admin in order to do this (keep in mind that you cannot have more than three clan members moderating your board).

Name & Tag security

Once a clan is official, they can no longer lose ownership their name or tag while they still live. Official clans can and do die through activity checks performed by clan staff however (more on this below), and if your clan has been dead for three years then it loses ownership and the name/tag can be taken.

Square brackets

Your ingame tag will switch from (clan) to [clan]. Just so you can lord it over the unofficial guys.

Event participation

Quite a few clan-based events will only allow official clans to participate (example with a 1.5 million tc prize!).

Becoming official

"But how do you become official!?"

Don't worry, it's actually pretty simple (though not necessarily easy). If you feel like your clan is at a level where it can be considered to be worthy of being official (read as: healthy clan thread, non-toxic members, good quality first post, active, etc.), then you can apply for official to either a Clan Manager or the Clan Admin. Here's how:
  1. Make sure your clan deserves to be official!
  2. Make sure your clan has 10 active members
  3. Send 50,000TC to the Manager/Admin of your choice
  4. Fill out the form just below this list - send that in a pm to the same Manager/Admin

Official Clan Application Format

As you can see, applications cost 50,000. Apply with caution. After you apply, Clan Management will discuss your clan to decide whether it should become official or not - we will look at multiple different areas ranging from a simple active members count to things like the quality of your posts. Discussion and voting can take up to a month, so be patient.

Clans trying to become official currently in discussion:

(AS) All Stars
(R) Respect
(Tank) Tank
(Spark) Spark
(w) win

Managing your official clan

Being official comes with its own managerial factors. Knowing where to go and what to do will make your life leading (or helping to lead) an official clan much easier.

How do we recruit people if we don't have a thread in Recruitment Center?

Official clans are expected to use their own thread in their own board for this purpose. All of your specialized threads should be within your own board and not in regular Clan Discussion.

How do I change my board's moderators?

You can change your own moderators at any time (as a leader at least) by messaging the Clan Admin with your request. Remember that you can only have three or less moderators at a time (not including members who are a part of actual staff), so if you already have three then you'll need to remove an existing one. If your request is valid, the Admin will set up the moderators for you.

How do I manage threads and posts? (moderators only)

There is a guide in the FAQ for this.

Private Boards

After becoming official, your clan is eligible to apply for a private board. Private boards are boards which go inside your regular board and can only be accessed by staff and users who know the board's password. In order to get your own, you need to apply to the Clan Admin using the following template and paying the fee of 150,000TC:

Private Forum Application

Activity checks and Death

Every now and then (random timings), clan staff will perform activity checks on all Official clans. The details of how these checks are performed is not public information, and you won't know a check is in progress because they aren't announced. These checks are solely to measure the activity levels of your clan.

What are they for?

We use these checks to keep the number of Official clans down (so we don't have 500 official clans, most of which are completely dead), to provide incentive to stay active, and to further drive home the meaning of 'Official' (good activity is a prerequisite for even becoming official!).

Should I be worried? How will my clan be killed if it fails the checks?
  • If you fail to pass a check, the Clan Admin will issue a warning in your board telling you that your activity is considered inadequate and to improve before the next check.
  • If you fail to pass two checks, the Clan Admin may or may not issue another warning (depending on how close to our definition of 'active' you are), or you may be given a message telling you that we're killing your clan, in order for anybody still around to decide what to do next.
  • If you fail three checks, it's almost certainly curtains.

There is a list of all the clans who've died here.

Being dead

If your clan is dead, there are still options for you.

Reviving your clan

Reviving a dead official clan has one requirement: you must have five willing members lined up, three of which must be former or current members of the dead clan. If you're good to go, message Clan Management or the Clan Admin for them to confirm. If we think you're good to go, all old members of the clan will be kicked, the clan will be set to unofficial and you will be added to the clan (for free). You can choose to have your old clan thread (if it still exists in the dead clan's board) or make a new clan thread in Clan Discussion.

From here, everything works the same as if you were a regular unofficial clan, however if you manage to reach official again, you will have the option to regain your old clan's board.

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