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Old Dec 15, 2017   #1
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[SPOILERS] Star Wars: The Last Jedi.



Ay, so saw the movie last night. I avoided pretty much all trailers and promotional material. This seems to be a pretty divisive movie and I sit pretty much in the middle.

Some things I liked.
-Luke Skywalker was a solid 10/10
-The plan for the heroes going horribly wrong a lot
-The ending sequence was my favourite part in any star wars movie
-The Throne room seen had me on the edge of my seat
- Rey / Kylo facetimes
- Yoda destroying the tree because he knew Rey took the books
- Yoda
- Lightspeed missile (I saw a good explanation as to why this is usually not possible)
-Generally a beautifully shot movie
-Things that happened were mostly unexpected (this may be different if you saw trailers)

Some things I did not like
-Space Leia
-Pacing was a fucking nightmare
-Seems a little unlike Luke to try and kill a child even for a second, seems like there's more at play than we know.
-Fucking Space Leia
-Rose, I hated her character a lot - she felt extremely forced and wooden. After the look Rey shot her at the end I feel like she exists purely for a love triangle.
-That plot with Admiral Holden was fucking atrocious, there was no reason for her to not tell Poe the plan. And there was absolutely no reason to have it be her on the ship. I was not emotionally invested in her as a character - do you know who I am? LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE BESIDE HER.
-I love fin but he probably should have died there, although I am curious to see where he goes next.
-oh boy another super ship that fucks shit up
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Old Dec 16, 2017   #2
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Agree with pretty much all your points.

Wanted to add though, bit disappointed we didn't hear more about snoke. Also was expecting more hype about what Rey's background would be but nothing was shown other than that her parents were scavengers which I'm not sure I believe.

When I first saw the track at the casino place I thought it was going to be pod racing.

Big plot hole regarding crashing into ships at light speed and why suicide or Droid controlled ships aren't used for that more often.

Disliked that the rebels were just running the whole movie while getting smaller and smaller. Felt boring and slow sometimes

The shot of the ship crashing into the first order fleet at light speed in silence was amazing.

Mary Poppins Leia was shit. Better ways they could have shown how she was in touch with the force too.

Thought Finn sacrificing himself there would have fitted. Was annoyed with the last minute save move.

Feel like Poe is being set up to lead the rebels if/when Leia dies next movie. What with the whole there's more to it than just being a hero lesson.
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Old Dec 17, 2017   #3
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- the fact that yoda wasn't animated in 3d blows my mind
- camera angles suck
- i don't even remember names of the new characters because they're so boring (maybe except kylo)
- immortal leia, the hell was that
- chewbacca does absolutely nothing and looks unrealistic af
- they can't destroy one x-wing at the beginning, yeah sure
- ignoring prequels
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Old Dec 20, 2017   #4
Didn't like how there was no background to Snoke, they just showed him and then instantly cut in half. Throne room scene is probably the best scene of the saga though.

Still not sure what I think of about Rey's parents "reveal", might be both a lie from Kylo Ren or a way to emphasize the fact that you don't have to born someone special to make change. That little guy in the end kinda fits the latter.

Flying Leia was bad. Some other VFX felt unfinished too, Rey lifting stones in the end just looked weird and Rose w/ BB-8 saving Finn on top of AT-ST (or was that some First Order's AT-RT-like walker?) felt like a scene taken right from Jurassic World but with a replaced dinosaur. Not sure if I like puppet Yoda too - they returned his original trilogy's character which is kinda cool but I doubt the movie would suffer from a good CGI Yoda.

Originally Posted by WorldEater
ignoring prequels

I hope that's considered as a pro, because heck nobody wants Luke giving lectures on midichlorians to Rey. Or Rey complaining about sand "as a reference to prequels".
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Old Dec 21, 2017   #5
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Agree with most whats been said here

- What the heck space Leia?
- Awesome ending scene however would have changed it for Luke's physical presence having a light saber
- battle with Kylo Ren
- Yoda!!!
- Rose was somewhat a great character in the story. Someone deemed so insignificant through her role on board, but even through
appearance became important to the success of the mission and survival of the fleet.
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Everyone should have seen space leia coming, I thought it was neat finally showing off her sky walker blood.
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