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Originally Posted by Smaiva View Post
How can you be sure the lyrics are not stolen ? he is saying something like "I see a black man handling the gun, but I rather see a black man aiming the sun" and this line is totally 100% stolen, I think he is not even giving credits to masta ace isn't he ?

I cannot continue watching this, for me there is no color of skin I always try to look inside people and get to know them, exacly like that. Maybe I am standing over proving such a point, because I don't get the concept of racism and I do not care in which stage he is trying to wake up people. I am at my level and cannot respect this, somebody is trying to get attention in 2018 with some 1995 lyrics like who the fck is he ??

I may be a little negative about this video, but well would you like to see somebody steal a door, paint it with his color and get cheered for that ? me not.

First of all, that's not even the lyrics.

I see a black man aimin' his gun
But I'd rather see a black man claimin' his son
And I don't mean just for one day and you done

So you lost the entire meaning of the line. But your inability to listen to the song in it's entirety makes you fail to understand the actual point of the song. The song is about unity and stop letting the colors of our skin divide us. If all you do is watch a comedic play without the second act, you might think it's down and dreary. You need the full picture.

The man in the MAGA hat is attempting to project all the stereotypes of middle white americans and the stereotypes that propagate against african americans, attempting to marginalize their failures with mistakes they personally are making. The second rapper then comes on to project his versions of how the african american community have been disenfranchised. He speaks to why the white person might think those stereotypes about him by helping him picture the unfair world he's been a part of and identifying that his issues are sometimes largely caused by what white americans have done to his race historically and presently.

By the end of the song, the two come together to appreciate that neither of them know which each one of them is going through, but that they are glad they can share both sides of their stories and still love each other.

So... whoosh to you for getting the exact opposite out of the video. Just goes to show that the "n" word is so powerful and inflammatory that you heard it come out of the white man's mouth once or twice and completely lost track of the entire message. Maybe that's why we prohibit it here on the forums.
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@smaiva: by the way, he didn't steal any lyrics, that was an interpolation. it's done all the time in hip-hop (off the top of my head: 1, 2, 3) and it can be seen either as a tribute to a certain artist or as a new way to interpret the same lyrics. in this case, both things apply, i guess.
That was really bad sorry.
Someone tell me why this guy is highly respected by some people ???
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Ok Bodhisattva, I appreciate the message because as you brought it down for me I can't say thats something wrong. Anyways sorry for my european ear, but the same lyrics how ever they might come, are not made by him which is some lack of originality.

Maybe this artist should choose another way to spread his message, when he had trouble with creating something own which finds its individual way to inform. This is a good example of something nice delivered by a wrong method. Sometimes it is all about how you do something, not what you do.
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