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Trump's First State of the Union Speech
Discuss: Did he do a good job and powerfully united the country under common principle? or trample over a much needed opportunity to unify the horribly divided USA?

Transcript of the speech:

Full Transcript >BIG<

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i listened to the last few minutes and couldnt stop laughing at the words he used like "bigly"

i like some of the things trump is doing like sending these shithole people back to their shitholes, but everyone knows he's full of shit and doesn't care about any of the soldiers he talks about

this speech won't change anything at all though, the super liberal migrant accepting countries will still hate trump
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Fundamentally it's not a bad speech, but it has a lot of falsehoods inserted among otherwise respectable statements.

For one, there hasn't been two terrorist attacks in the last couple weeks in New York. The last terrorist attack in the United States in general was last October, almost exactly 3 months ago. While he is right that the immigrant who performed it arrived through the lottery system, it's also the only terrorist attack out of the 4 that occurred last year that was performed by an immigrant. 2 of the other 3 were performed by U.S. citizens, and the third was performed against Somali immigrants. This claim of his is just factually incorrect on many levels.

While there are documented instances of known terrorists being released overseas and reenlisting in terrorist organizations, al-Baghadi was released into Iraq's custody. He could have easily left out al-Baghadi and it would have been an inoffensive statement of fact, but apparently punch factor of having a sound bite "we released the leader of ISIS" means more than being right.

He claims to have appointed the most circuit court judges out of any administration in the history of the US, but he's only appointed 13 judges to the federal circuit courts. Barack Obama appointed over 50 over his two terms. This is just quantitatively a false statement.

I could keep going, but this is basically the entirety of the speech. Small to blatant falsehoods injected through out, non-sequiturs from a lot of the factually correct information, anecdotes everywhere, and a healthy dose of ego permeating through despite the script writers' best efforts. It's a facade of being respectable, but it's nothing new.
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