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Conspiracy Theories
Anybody know any cool tinfoil hat stories? Real or not.
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In 1911, the Berner-based company Tobler began packing its chocolate bars in foil, including its most famous model, the Toblerone. In 1912, aluminum foil was used by Maggi as packaging for soups and seasoning cubes.

After its introduction on the market, several decades passed until it completely replaced the use of tin paper in the mid-twentieth century.

O papel-alumínio costuma ter um lado mais brilhante e outro mais baço, e em receitas frequentemente se informa qual o lado que deve ficar para fora ao se cobrir um alimento.

Para conferir mais resistência ao alumínio, este é comumente laminado em combinação com outros materiais como o plástico e o papel ou papelão, como é o caso da embalagem Tetra Brik.

Algumas de suas características secundárias também valorizadas são a boa condutividade elétrica, e a má transmissão de calor, o que o faz um isolante térmico tanto por efeito barreira como por reflexão das ondas eletromagnéticas.
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They say at one point trolls took over Toribash. They started slowly taking over high positions and creating clans and as more got power, more were elected naturally. They intend to destroy the game before it increases the intelligence of the general population. When new players arrive they drive them away either with the community or through overly difficult gameplay, attempting to make it an impossible game to win or recieve reward. Original it was easy to gain tc, but that was a form or reward so it became dramatically scaled down. Those who survive the psychological warfare are outcasted because they can’t be controlled, it’s similar to a narcissist and how they react. Many or these people are praised for their power and will follow their social tendencies in hopes of acceptance and potential for being what they are.
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it is i, tyzerino gambino las vegas marino honda civic
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Not discussion worthy. Moved.

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literally just type in conspiracies on youtube and you will find a whole world of interesting
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We are all living in one big game of toribash.
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