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where that oblivion magnum opus we been hearin about at

whole lotta talk if u ask me!
replay thread
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Originally Posted by victortb View Post
throwing this here just in case

hello ORMO, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to invade here but when I watch this really reminds me of my old times in toribash, watching and praising replays that looked far from my reality and really excited me as a newbie. There are some points that make me doubt if this is stock worthy now but in the perspective of a newbie maybe this can be somewhat inspiring, anyways I don't know if this is what you're aiming at

Another issue I see you're discussing is the tricking representativity, and also thinking as a new player coming to this game, having more realism replays like sparring/parkour/tricking may be essential to encourage and inspire new players to realities others than madmans, which is pretty much a replaymaking pattern established in my opinion since, when you first get to the game, you're watching a lot of ukebashing replays and just a few assorted styles

some players that I'd choose to represent tricking and parkour community are Dahstevy for tricking and I'm really not sure about parkour replaymakers but Swexx, Karbn and Zubin usually make good stuff but a parkour replays I particularly like is Xioi's YpSkA (mod)
by the way, I've just been warned that now there are a lot of tricking replays in new version ~~ my bad
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this is my best work ever
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