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I agree when people say about "transparency" ^ this is a small nice community, why things need to be so secret?Come on, stop gay <3

About Discord: Not everyone can/use it

And i think the game creator could be more interactive and active with his community. It is a big positive point. Being a developer is not an excuse to be a ghost...
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Originally Posted by sir View Post
I don't remember any single user that got banned for calling out specific staff members for doing shit. Just please don't bring up examples of "I did a shady thing trying to abuse a loophole in rules and didn't get proper support".
inb4 Ele brings up the fact that he can't post here and it's unjust (spoiler: it really isn't when you consider how many times he was warned and how much of a nuisance he was to staff in general).

Show me where I shitposted in Off-Topic? I didn't. The reason I was banned was because you improperly handled my staff complaint and I wouldn't go away.

My discussion thread was deleted without me being contacted - It is standard practice that when a thread is deleted in Discussion that person is told why. This could have been solved by a simple admission that staff fucked up here (namely Icky) but instead, Icky flat out refused to apologise and YOU flat out tell me to fuck off.

So it was a legit complaint and yes, it WASN'T handled properly at all. You let your personal feelings about me get in the way of being a decent, upstanding staffer, and you rage-removed my access to NOT ONLY Staff-Complaints, but the entire Help and General sections. How incredibly petty of you.

Originally Posted by sir View Post
If you can't defend your opinion with proper points and just keep reiterating same exact thing after being told that it isn't possible to be done / is just wrong - well yeah, there will be a point where we'd go "fuck it" and just stop caring about whatever you're going to say next.

Defend my opinion with proper points? Explain to me how I wasn't wronged when my discussion thread was deleted without me receiving any notification. Explain to me also, how when that Staff Complaint thread was closed by A RANDOM HELP SQUAD MEMBER, I was wrong in posting another staff complaint thread?

Twice I was wronged and at all stages in this process I was refused an apology. So go on, explain to me how I wasn't wronged... I'd like to hear your 'proper points'.

You're so incredibly biased against me that you cannot accept any issue I raise as legitimate. You're the one that can't defend your opinion with proper points - Your only defence is your administrator tools. Weak.

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fight the power ele yeah ooraah
Originally Posted by notEle View Post
You clearly didn't suck them well enough. I see the point your making but I just think you're flat-out wrong. It's all about schmoozing the right people. You wanna be smod? Make friends with other smods, make friends with the admins. Join whatever IRC/discord/chat server that some of these people frequent and stay there. Stay quiet (don't cause any fuss) when appropriate, type 'lol' when appropriate. Obviously, if you're the dullest tool in the shed then you won't get smod regardless of how much schmoozing you do. But if you're even half-way competent, you can reasonably expect to gain the position you want if you've schmoozed successfully. If you've ingratiated yourself, you will get what you want.

hell yeah worked for me high five o/

Originally Posted by notEle View Post
Would any other admin/admin+, past or present, care to comment on this topic? Are we happy about the creator of this game and his actions (or lack thereof)?

hampa doing his own thing was always super annoying. he'd do stuff without telling anyone, leaving you to wonder what the hell was going on. unbanning terrible users without telling rest of the staff was my favorite. we definitely could've lived without it happening but you just came to accept that shit as time went on. hampa gonna hampa
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row row fight the powa

im kinda surprised the game is still kicking tbh
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