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Net neutrality was just repealed. Thoughts?

A bit over an hour ago, net neutrality was repealed. ISPs now have a lot more freedom, and we have a little less.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think ISPs will stick to their promise, and whatever changes there are will be inconsequential? Or, do you think this means a big change to the internet as we know it?

This is a topic that unfortunately has some misinformation surrounding it, so make sure to do some research as you

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this is only the start of the snowball effect. we give a dog red meat, he will want more.
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we give a hoe a dick, she will want more.

also net neutrality isn't done yet, it has to get through congress first. then we can start panicking
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Yeah, I think net neutrality will get shut down by congress. Although if it gets passed, it will make the internet a lot more similar to modern day American society. Capitalism won't just be a thing, but it will control the internet.
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Yeh. It will be the same as before 2015 . . . y'know . . . before the net neutrality laws were even a thing.

End of the world huh.

yes it is the end of the world net neutrality is important.
Meh. I think I need to quit toribash for a bit.

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Repeal of American net neutrality means internet companies of all shapes and sizes who depend on or are in favor of net neutrality may move outside the USA, which sucks for them, but is a great opportunity for countries with well-established net neutrality regulations. This also means that the chance of this whole deal turning into a worldwide chain reaction is a lot smaller, as other countries with net neutrality will see more pro's economy-wise to net neutrality than cons, and decide to not follow suit.

I therefore believe there is a big chance this whole problem will sort itself out and we (actually you) will have a free internet again.

The only problem is where the heck are we gonna get enough IT-personnel from to cover those jobs, because there currently is a great shortage of IT-personnel where I live. Might make going abroad a lot more expensive, definitely for the smaller companies.

Please do keep fighting for net neutrality and against large internet corporate monopolies because net neutrality keeps people connected and is important for individualistic reasons e.g. being able to express yourself without being censored by the state or something dumb that could happen without those rules in place. Everything you can do really helps, so give it your all, folks, and I wish you good luck.

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I dont think a lot of people understand exactly what net neutrality stopped.

you have netflix and you have Hulu: movies are downloaded through packages
with net neutrality these packages have to be sent at the same rate so everything arrives at the same time. Without net neutrality, whoever pays more recieves their package first so you might get have the packages you need then the rest get there about 30 minutes later. so it's like having Google Fiber Vs. Dial up, except it is like that for everything. And then on top of that companies can now add subscriptions to things that were once neutral like full access to twitter.

everyones been shit acting like it is not going to be a big deal because oh in 2015 it wasnt a problem. You wont be saying that when you try to load up a youtube video or a movie and it takes 5 hours to load because you didnt pay an extra 50 dollars on your verison plan or you dont have a subscription to watch this content. Youtube RED is literally how youtube got around net neutrality so if you think that they wont hop on the train lmao good luck.

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Originally Posted by Yuma View Post
Yeh. It will be the same as before 2015 . . . y'know . . . before the net neutrality laws were even a thing.

End of the world huh.

yes it is the end of the world net neutrality is important.

why tho?

I mean I honestly believe that competition will kill all the retarded ISPs that will throttle anyways, and they'll deserve it

competition always makes the consumer win

and makes the companies that make those consumers win the most (and are fucking efficient as dick), win aswell

thats the beauty of the free market

its not the end of the world

even if the internet went dark right now (without the repercussions that will come from the developed reliance on it), nothing would really happen (essentially, if the internet was never created, I would never have to make this retarded post, and the internet wouldn't exist, and shit would be fine)

actually, its quite possible much more internet service providers (ISPs) will become avalible as a result

but yeah I understand its a mixed bag

just fucking sick of the misplaced hatred of people like ajit pai

he might be like a dick/heavily paid off, but... people are hating on him as if he was like osama bin laden... people need to chill the fuck out

basically net neutrality has become a kind of brand on the internet, that many people just say they support for clicks that they get from people who watch 1 youtube video and automatically, without doing there own research, bandwagon the dick out of it and group-think

essentially, its not THAT BIG A DEAL

people need to stop group-thinking and develop genuine thoughts on the topic, through research (I suggest looking into peer reviewed/school-report worthy sources)

no im not saying net neutrality is innately bad or good... just do ur research of both sides... its much more of a mixed bag then you might think'

also stop putting random shit in ur comments in bold....... looks p stupid
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I see the end of net neutrality very similar how cable TV package, you'll pay por basic package and receive shitty limitations. But if you want expand your internet navigation horizon, you'll have to pay a "premium" package.
For example, if I have a basic package which guarantees me browsing Facebook, Twitter and Email. Then, I ask for my internet operator to include Youtube in my package and then they say: "if you want to browse on Youtube, you'll need to pay our premium package", which probably will be 3x more expensive and you won't use even half of the bullshit that will come.

That's what I understood, but I'm not really aware of what's happening.

Also, as far as I know, there's some locations where there's only one ISP, like Comcast and, as far as I know, Comcast own the streaming service "hulu", which is Netflix's concurrent. So, whereas there are locations that only have Comcast as internet provider, they'll probably obligatory pay for hulu, unable to having Netflix services (at least not fairly). This also can bring us to a new point, streaming services like Netflix will need to pay (I guess) to have their services included in ISP's packages, so as a snowball effect, Netflix subscription price will probably increase as well.

Conclusion: if things are going as I pointed, everyone is pretty much fucked. ISPs will probably say things like "browsing in internet will get better since you're paying for what you're consuming" but this is an old capitalism bullshit speech.

I don't know much but that's what I think.
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Originally Posted by Lionet View Post
Conclusion: if things are going as I pointed, everyone is pretty much fucked.

yep, that's pretty much it
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