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Torishop Items No-Qi Sale!

This weekend (Jan 26th - Jan 28th) you can purchase any item from Torishop, no matter what your belt is!
Always wanted a Void Force, had enough TC but Qi limitation was preventing you from buying it? Not an issue anymore!


* Note: all purchased items still follow the regular Qi limitations during player-to-player transfers
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Originally Posted by Unrealistic View Post
Freaking all the onyx stuff is gone!

Onyx was never supposed to be given out for this event that’s why
Creati0n forced me to change my forum set :(

reimu wuz here

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now do no qi market
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now re stock pure and elf
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exactly when this will end? after the next daily sale? or there's a an specific hour?
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almost got excited until i realized anything worth buying is too expensive or out of stock completely
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this is the fastest and most efficient way you guys have used to sink TC. literally everyone has no tc now xd

but i really like this, will there be any more of these in the future?
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So glad I could buy a no-qi gladiator blood thanks guys that was one of the last thing I had to do in my whole Toribash life
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