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Old May 31, 2018   #1
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Why do you wear your current set?
My current set has been my set for almost a year now. No matter what items i get or what colours i accumulate, I always go back to my default black and white tori with my splatter beanie.

My splatter beanie was an item I won in a Beanie event, so its essentially a custom item specifically made for me. And no other item has come close to replacing it other than full cel shading.

I always use pink, blue and orange items such as blood, ghost, grip, emote, etc, so i have a tonne of pink and blue items on me all the time.

Also I like checkered stuff, so that kind of helps. My entire set was made by me, since its a fairly simple yet elegant set in my opinion.

My flame was a more recent addition to my set, and i just wanted something simple this still looks cool. Obviously, once again, I went for all black to match my tori.

My Set

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obama smale dikk
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i like mine because its blue, i like blue

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cause im poor
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Old Jun 1, 2018   #4
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this exact helios dq is the very first item i bought in the game, i've never deactivated it. she's all i need
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Because static and pure is my favorite color combo and everyone else hates it, saying it's like looking into the sun.
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it is i, tyzerino gambino las vegas marino honda civic
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cuz playing with joint textures is hard and i can use the handicap -.-;;;
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it help me concentrate more on what i'm doing
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my tori is my persona


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I wear mine because it's a mixture of all my best goat sets. The hands/leg are from original set. The udder and head are edits from a 2017 commission. I use pure blood to represent milk.


The head is like the mona lisa, the eyes are always looking away and at you.
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its the best set
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