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Old Jun 15, 2011   #1
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Homefront Or Battlefield Bad Company 2?
Hi i am wondering what game is better out of Homefront and Bad Company 2. I looked at both games on youtube and they both look very good. Feel free to post the pros and cons of both games and what game i should buy.

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well im my opinion homefront is slightly better in the "online game play" but as far as iv gotten in the bc2 its also good so it depends what you really want from a game.
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i am not to bothered with the single player but what games have the better guns, transport, perks, online game types all of that sort of stuff and i need to know if homefront has destructible walls and buildings like bad company 2 also what has more online players on them two games if anyone know's.
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I really think homefront was lacking in the mp.
And battlefield was truly amazing.
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I thought the homefront sp was terrible, I've not tried it's multiplayer. I love bad company 2 online though.

I didn't like homefront sp because it was very boring. Everything you did was the same thing as the last only you go somewhere else. Also you have to wait for your team npc to even open the door. The voices got repetitive very quickly. It seems like you were the only one fighting GO DO THIS, GO DO THAT, GOOD, NOW GO DO THIS THING! Also it was pretty short.
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