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Just to help a bit, because it is getting a bit too far: sparring is all about how hard you try to make the moves you have in mind. There are LOTS of ways to learn how to spar and there are NO RULES. I know what i am talking about, i have a pretty good experience with sparring and i used multiple ways to learn and improve, and some of them are really really weird, but it works. I dont want to look better then you guys, but some people told me that i improve really fast when i want, and i dont care how i will learn it.. i just do it. If you guys want more examples, pm me and i will list all the ways that i use to learn and improve, they are weird. Its better than keep with this discussion.
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ok i'm not going to bitch about the thread or what ever skills you have
i'm here just to share my experience in sparring and i will make it short
so you don't need to read a lot"lazy people"
i learned sparring by playing a lot with other players
at first i tried to learn balance when i was doing good with balance
i started to think about getting more experience in sparring
by changing my style of fighting every 3 months or soo
first i started with the normal toribash style like launching
and doing unrealistic shit
when i got good at it i started to go with MAS for a short amount of time
so i begin fighting realisticly or realismly whatever
when i was bored of it
i started to get into doing tricks while sparring and i'm still learning
how to trick in a sparring replay ((with out fucking the replay or the other person moves))
and i started to liking this style so i'm stuck with it for now
Most important thing in spar ((After the Balance ofc))
Communicating with the other player to create the best sparring replay that your skill allow

anyway i'm not better then any one so i was just sharing how i learned how to spar
long story short i hope you learned something
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So i think reosuke has a point here. its just the names used conflict. if expanded upon i think it could be a good tutorial for developing the small skills needed in game.
when i started i played in ufcoctogon.tbm with a 30 frame pin 10frames alternating between tori and uke. This helped me learn attack and defence simultaneously. with the pin dq it meant i also needed to gain a stable and heavy enough position. i think this drill? training thing? has resulted in me being heavier when i finally got internet.
did you do any thing like this Arakata?
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Although you grasp what we've been talking about, I don't think you realize the sparring stand point. He's not talking the learning curve per se but anyways I don't want to get you involved and I'm sure anyone taking the time to read this will realize that in that short paragraph you've phrased everything a lot better than reo has over the course of his long and messy chunks of text.




Let's take a minute and look at this, shall we?
Climbing like you've never seen before (parody of xlr84life's thread):
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