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Norse Machine [300k]
hi, i'm requesting your run of the mill robotic set, only with a twist: I want it to be Viking themed.

I recommend adding me on discord. I'll be able to see your work quicker, and I'll be able to let you know if you should continue or not. Jaxon#1492

Colors: Greyscale. If you're confident, throw in a little color here and there, but for the most part, I'm looking for black and white, primarily on the darker side.
Resolution: 512x512
Textures: Body only, unless you want to do more work for no extra pay. Be my guest if so.
The Set: Everyone knows what robotic sets in toribash look like. Shiny metal, maybe some glowy bits and armor here and their, but for the most part, they all look pretty similiar.

For my set, I'd like you to make it as realistic as you're comfortable with. Artists have different abilities, and, while I would like the set to be decently realistic, I understand some artists have a cartoonish style.

The helmet for the robo/cyborg is whatever. I would prefer a sort of visor look because I hope to eventually get a version of the head made where the face is showing.

Body, also whatever. Robotic is pretty clear. Armor or glowy strips would be neat. Some properly mapped fists would be nice.

Just make sure you make it look like its norse. Incorporate norse mythology, runes, etc., in anyway you can. You can go for the glowy look for the runes, or the engraved look. Preferably, a combination of the two. If you need more to work with, just look up viking runes or viking engravings. Make sure the runes you're adding are norse.

If you're willing to take the time for the amount I'm paying, I'd love to have it asymmetrical. I know I'm not paying the most, so a symmetrical set is perfectly fine.

note: once I have more tc, I may follow up in the future with a request for a human head to go with it.

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