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I wanna git gud
I wanna take cranky's advice and git gud but usually trying to do so has me missing punchs or kicks because for some reason I attempt to box an akkido and it only works on new people because about everyone I've fought so far has done the grab turn body kick trick. What I really wanna counter is getting thrown into the air and slamed down. because by the time you hit the ground again you're well over the dq line. any tips on getting good... or just a really good teacher.
Because I throw punchs and shit in akkido I only do good in realtoriboxing.
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Hey man add me on discord : Pranit#7619 and we can set up a time or just PM me if you want. I'm not the best but I'm decent at Aikido and AikidoBigDojo.
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Hey there, Killer! There are a ton of cool teachers that have volunteered their time to be able to teach located here:

Just give one of them a PM and I'm sure they will get you onto the right track. Good luck!
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