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ait dood
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[Promo-Team]Replay Hacking Competition - NO madmans please

Hey you! Yes you there... I've seen you. You're good at replay making arent you?! I know. But... are you good at HACKING replays?

Yes thats right: No Madman Replay Competition - Hacking allowed. You're probably wondering whats this all about? Well, here it is, the rules that is:
  • 2 replays per person
  • No stealing replays
  • No classic madmans (ripping and gripping)
  • Preferably no gripping
  • Maximum of 1000 frames per replay
  • No old replays
  • HACKING ALLOWED!!! (finally)

I want you to create a replay that will include some nice destruction. Not a classic "rip uke's limbs off" but more of a replay that features moves that are humanly impossible to perform (except old kung fu masters ). That includes some hacking of course.

Here is some help: hacking tutorial

Replays are to be named in this order: "Username_Replayname.rpl". All replays that are not named like that are not valid.

and i added a reference replay just so you know what can be done with hacking replays (im using nuthug's replay cause it was the only one that i could find.)

Ending date: 3 weeks from today...
Judges: yet to be announced

Hack on!

Oh right...the prizes:

1st: 80k
2nd: 50k
3rd: 20k
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File Type: rpl hhorny2.rpl (49.6 KB, 356 views)

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Crap i wanted to participate
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Allrighty, event finished.


and closed.

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