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[RuKeepers event]Do not drop!

Hello mates, this is Singleplayer event.

Your objective is to:

Create SP replay in which you decap uke and dont let his head touch the ground.
This mean uke's head must be in the air during all the time after decapitation. As soon as frames has ended, his head can hit the floor.
Also u cant use grab, trying to hold uke's head. Do it with arms or legs or whatever you want, just dont drop it! If head will fall on the uke's body and just lie on it till the end - such replays are not valid.


  • No sh!t like hacking, stealing someone's ideas or something.
  • Replays must be new.
  • Gravity must be between -9.82 and -30.
  • 500 frames.
  • No moving uke.
  • You cant use grab.


First place - 50k
Second place - 30k
Third playce - 20k

Event ends in 10 days.


You can post 3 replays in total. They will be judjed on style, creativity and amount of frames when ukes head was in the air. (Edit: and of cource decap, what u've done)

Also example have been provided.

Good luck!

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File Type: rpl do_not_drop_example.rpl (110.1 KB, 142 views)

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im in also since im selling dis account if i do win send tc to Xactly
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your a little late buddy
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oh 2nd place

not bad ....
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Old Nov 21, 2009   #104
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im not entering, coz i cant decap withouit grab (<----------NOOB) but if someone enters 3 vids, can they win 1st second and 3rd?
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For they guys who didnt understand THIS COMPETITION IS OVER ._.
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It is is it...
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Btw X1Buffler the head touched the ground in frame 1
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