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Originally Posted by Oracle View Post
I'd hold off on crafting anything just yet. People are still experimenting with the new set, so nothing is certain yet on deck viability. Jade Druid is still strong, but there's some pressure coming from midrange decks that may topple it's reign.

Besides, climbing ladder with control style decks is slow and tedious. It's possible, but it's almost always faster using aggro solely because you can fit 2 or 3 aggro matches in the time it may take to complete a control match.

I agree with most of what Oracle said. If you're not someone like me who drops a ton of money on this game, you shouldn't be crafting until the meta stabilizes.

The only thing I disagree with is what deck to climb with. Climb with your highest win rate deck. Speed of games has almost nothing to do with it. You can be playing a very viable deck, like Pirate Warrior, and average games be 4 minutes 30 seconds, and not climb because of what your meta is. Meanwhile, if you choose Recruit Paladin, maybe your average games are 7 minutes long, but you maintain a 4% higher winrate. That would cut the grind by hours and hours.

But this early into this expansion, I'm not even sure there is a meta.
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So um, I don't know how this happened but when I played Hearthstone just like 2 minutes ago, I saw I crafted a Taunt Warrior deck. I actually do not remember when I did this or even if it was me.

I feel like what happened is that I was super tired since I stayed up all night yesterday (and when I stay up all night I can't remember what had happened before I go to sleep) and I guess my tired brain decided to say "fuck it I'll just craft it". I now have 3 legendaries left. On the Bright side I have a Taunt Warrior deck..
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