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Old Aug 14, 2017   #24311
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Ayy we got the rank up.

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Easiest Game of My Life 
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Old Aug 15, 2017   #24313
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- Be me
- Haven't played LoL in one month cuz I was away on a Road-Trip
- Come back from road trip
- Launch the game
- See Kayn and AR Urf are out
- Buy Kayn
- Go in AR Urf
- Instantly got Kayn in Urf
- Slaughter everybody

That was fun.
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Old Aug 15, 2017   #24314
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I tried to download LoL but whenever i try to activate it dont actualy go to the thing
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Old Aug 19, 2017   #24315
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Hey everybody, OP here. I've had trouble getting my account back due to losing my password but have finally returned. The opening post is definitely due for a remake, which I will gladly set some time aside to do sometime shortly when I can. About a month ago I actively started playing again, placed with a former b5 friend in placements for fun and got placed Silver 5, been playing AR URF for fun lately but have also been trying to grind out ranked. Currently almost S2, I don't want to say I can climb and deserve to be high plat but I've been playing fairly actively for the last 8 years or so, am familiar with mechanics, all champions, map awareness and general attitude to climb through the ranks. I still play on NA server, my current name (don't ask, was drunk at the time) is LK 4 E GIRL 420F, feel free to add me and we can play sometime!

Definitely going to try and climb to at least low plat this season. Mid/top main, 65% win rate in ranked as Yasuo because he's been my main for a while and absolutely stomps in low elo. Even without my account I always check this thread, I would say this is if not the largest then one of the largest threads ever created on this forum, with over 1mill views and 24k posts, nice job everybody! Awesome to see the community alive.
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Old Aug 19, 2017   #24316
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Hey Lume, I added you. (xCobra) Maybe we can play ranked sometime, will be a fun experience.

Aside from that, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, aside from the standard "I play too many roles and champions". I average extremely well CS and typically do good in my games, enough to shine over my laner. But for the most part that doesn't matter. I either go on a nutty Winning Spree or a really bad loss streak. I'm not sure if it's my inconsistency or what, but I can't climb for the life of me. It's a goal I wish to achieve but it's sort of fucking hard when I drag myself down or my team does it for me. Or both. Going to attempt cutting down my role swapping and champions played and see where that takes me.
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Old Aug 19, 2017   #24317
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worry more about what you do in the game rather than what champion or role you're playing...
you're low elo, so 1v9 is easy if you play with half a brain. play around the stupid teammates you might have, take objectives instead of sitting in your lane farming all game so you can say "well at least my cs was good"

i like to play jax/fiora/splitpush champs in bronze/silver, since you can take the entire top sides towers by wathing the map, and you can control rift herald

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Old Aug 20, 2017   #24318
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That's a fantastic idea thank you Tyzi. I'll try that ! I'd like to get gold 5 before season ends
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Old Aug 24, 2017   #24319
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Tilted off the deep end for losing my promos to gold. Just got really mad at myself, played poorly. I had a 4-0 lead in laning phase but I didn't covert it into any objectives and come team fight time I played dumb.

Ah well. That's why I'm silver lmao

*Edit* One day later, re qualified. Won all my games. Went 4-0 in my games as Karthus top today. S performance for a comeback win on my promo. We gold bois.

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Old Aug 26, 2017   #24320
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I started caring again, dusted off my favorite champs, climbed 2 divisions still am bronze trash

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