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Old May 27, 2017   #21
Brown Belt
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Sup I'm Dark2K45
I'm 12
My belt is brown (as good as black)
Form Activity is while I'm in game
Life: TV, friends, and sports
I would join I've been looking for a clan that accepts me for my skills. Hope you will.
I have plenty of experience I've been training for 2 years on this game. But not everyday.
I do not have discord or Skype.
I may be young but I still can fight good. I'm also mature though.
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Old May 29, 2017   #22
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8th Dan Black Belt
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Clan: zero

Dark2k45 I like your application but I would like to see you play ingame

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Old May 31, 2017   #23
2nd Dan Black Belt
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I'm Ben, or Rodia, or 1Rodia1™ Age: 9 but I don't act like it. Proof: I get my friends and ask them what age i am, and the average is 15. Their usually shocked when I tell them I'm 9. Forum activity: F- For now, contact me on discord, whenever I'm on Toribash, I'm almost always on Discord. Discord activity: A+ My discord is {Rodia}#3359. Ingame activity: A++ God yes baby. Belt: Black Belt. Toribash experience: Why do you even ask? Over a year ago I was 2nd dan, hacked, lost 80% of my skill. Now I'm probably better XD. My life: Full of fun, Homeschooled, love school, great at math, addicted to iPad and PC. I won't get bored of Toribash anytime soon. Reasons i want to join: Rather be in a clan and excel then be clanless and rot. Sixpaths has been everywhere, I could draw a chart on its success rate 3.3. Favorite mods, in order, from greatest to least: Aikido, Boxshu (not v3), Judofrac, ABD, Judo, lenshu...................Mushu is my least.
Skype: Yes. but I hate it, I only got Skype for completing my all Microsoft acc challenge.
SixpathsSixpathsSixpathsSixpathsSixpathsSixpathsSi xpathsSixpathsSixpathsSixpathsSixpathsSixpathsSixp athsSixpathsSixpathsSixpathsSixpathsSixpathsSixpat hsSixpathsSixpathsSixpathsSixpathsSixpathsSixpaths
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Old Jun 1, 2017   #24
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Name: Bailey King
Age: 19
Belt: black
Forum activity: weekly
Ingame activity: weekly
Toribash experience: quiet good
About your life: well other then finnishing school ive been down a few pahs, youd have to ask.
Why do you want to join: because i like the idea of clans haha
Favorite mods: wushu, mushu, big dojo aikdo
Do you have Discord,Skype: nah
Replays (Optional): nah :P
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Old Jun 3, 2017   #25
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3rd Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Apr 2015
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Clan: Aqours

can i join to sixpaths?
pls , can i join?
Name: alexoliga
Age: 16
Belt: black
Forum activity: allways
Ingame activity: allways
Toribash experience: no very , very good , but not bad
About your life: im go to high school in spain
Why do you want to join: because i like this game alot and i
Favorite mods: wushu, mushu, big dojo aikdo and normal aikido
Do you have Discord,Skype: yeap but i cant conect to skype , sorry
Replays (Optional): i dont know how to put a replay sorry :/

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Old Jun 6, 2017   #26
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ok I'm down but when and what time and what server
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Old Jun 6, 2017   #27
Black Belt
Join Date: Jan 2017
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-Anthony Classified
-Black ( not racist)
- forum is 8-10
-in game is 10-10 everyday i have no life
- i have been playing for 2 years my old account was deleted by me
I like cake cookies and lasagna and i also love basketball and love the colour red im from the UK but moved to america for my dads job
I want to join because i feel like people get stronger in groups and if they go against people that are etter than them. I am ok but i want to be good and i think that we can help each other get bettter. plus i like pizza nad pizza is your favorite square
-footmod akido akidobigdojo and wushu
-Discord and skype discord mostly
- i dont know how to upload a replay
I love animals and thank you
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Old Jun 6, 2017   #28
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there isn't a lot to you application but you seem like a pretty good guy and you kept it short and to the point. Accepted. welcome to SixPaths
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Old Jun 10, 2017   #29
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why was i ignored
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Old Jun 21, 2017   #30
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Belt:Blue but soon to be brown
Forum activity: I check forums but I don't really comment on anything
Ingame activity: Almost everyday
Toribash experience: ive been playing almost daily for like 2 months so pretty good
About your life: I play basketball which is one reason why im not online sometimes
Why do you want to join: To play with friends and gain experience from different people
Favorite mods: Greykido and Akidobigdojo
Do you have Discord,Skype: I don't but I can get it if needed
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