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Need a teacher? Want to teach? Click here!
How to find a teacher:

If you are looking for a teacher, we got a list of them for you below.

Use the search function of your browser to find teachers for the mod you're trying to improve (ctrl+f).
If there's no one in the list who's available to help you with your mod, you can post in this thread saying that you are looking for a specific mod teacher.

List of known teachers

How to become a suggested teacher:
Fill in the form below and pm it to any Help Squad member. Keep the pm subject simple. Do not post your application in this thread.

Suggested teacher Form:
Available time (in your GMT):
What you want to teach (aikido, sparring, taekkyon, running, etc.):

This thread is not a classroom. Please teach in private! (Skype, IRC, private messages etc.)
This thread is also not for posting apps. Send them to a Help Squad member!

If you are a teacher please watch this thread and try to teach anybody who posts a request in this thread as soon as possible!

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Change my available time from the current one to: 18:00 - 22:00

Im also almost never ingame unless i've planned otherwise with anyone.
So if you need help with kicking mods, shoot me a pm.

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I'm looking for a replay/single player teacher. I've never seen static around...

I'm in -8 but available most of the day.
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clan mods are better than event noobs
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I’m around. I lurk a lot
I wouldn't laminate you even if you marinated my ass with a good concentration of serenity ~ Gentleman
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