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View Poll Results: Attractiveness and intelligence or personality of your choosing?
A & I 28 63.64%
P 16 36.36%
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Old Aug 7, 2018   #1
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attractiveness and intelligence or personality?
Alright gentlemen, a friend and I were having a debate about which matters more to maintain a relationship. You can only pick one of the options. None of that "all women are queens and should be treated as such" women are cool but this is hypothetical. If you could only have one, which would it be and why?

(this applies to guys too btw if you like men, love is love lads)

personally, I'd choose the first option b/c most of the time i value the logical thinking abilities of an individual and would probably need a lifeline to keep me from drifting off into autism mode, also SEX IS GOOD

what're your thoughts on this matter? i'd like to hear!
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I feel like it should be broken down into three individual attributes; Attractiveness, Intelligence, and personality. I believe there needs to be a solid balance of the three for a relationship to actually work out in the long term. Personally, if a chick isn't the prettiest but has an amazing personality it wouldn't work for me, and the same with the other possible combinations, for me personally. If she's not good looking, smart, and a good personality I couldn't imagine anything working in the long term. Like I could do a one night stand with a girl that only had looks, could be friends with a girl who was intelligent, and could be friends with a girl who has an amazing personality but to date and form a serious relationship around there has to be a balance out of all three, with that being said out of the choices I would pick attractiveness and intelligence just because that's a better balance than personality alone, if you can't wake up, roll over, and be happy at what you're looking at that simply won't work, if you can't hold a serious conversation with them that also won't work, and if you don't have similar senses of humor than that also will not work or at least that's how I look at it. Curious to hear what others have to say.
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Honestly if i choose either one, i would inclined more to personality.
We will spend our time together if you're in relationship, therefore if you have a contrast personality to maintain it would be tricky and personally i would find it troublesome. I always see their personality first whenever i choose my partner.
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Lol wut.

An attractive and intelligent woman is frightening to any man. They won't put up with ur shit and they can get another man . . . easily. However, you can expect a woman of this caliber to be independent, dependable, and probably good at bringing dough to the table (even better than you!).

I'm sorry, but having a nice personality isn't enough in this world . . . and certainly not in a relationship. Looks matter. So does your intellect. So many broken couples can blame financial issues for their divorces (and having an unattractive mate doesn't help either . . . ).

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Personally i chose A&I Because Intelligence is always a good thing to have and there will probably be some actually interesting conversations about topic's the both of you don't agree on and it'll probably keep me from doing some dumb shit and getting myself killed at some point as for maintaining a relationship a female her being smart means she probably wouldn't do anything stupid to compromise the relationship itself and her being attractive take it like this "me male she sexy me want" which may or may not want you to try and keep the relationship for aslong as possible just because she's attractive.
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Its A & I because I'd like to have genetically heightened kids so they have easier lives. Simple as that for me.
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If you could only pick one you simply couldn't maintain a healthy relationship. Good match is finding someone that you find both physically and mentally attractive. Of course it's a bit of a personal view, I know some people could date a braindead girl as long as she has good tits and ass, but generally speaking you can't go far with it relationship wise.

If I had to choose one I'd go with personality, since shallow people usually have low morals so they tend to cheat and whatnot.

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Old Aug 8, 2018   #8
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I messed up on the poll
but personaly i prefer presonality.
in my own honest opinion i always found someones personality to be a huge turn on factor for me, best example of a personality that turns me on is probably "Hajime" from the anime "gatchaman crowds" (she's the only person you can look up and know what kind of personality she has by looking up her name, and yes i know she's fictional) i do also know 2 people in real life that has a similar personality to her but not entirely.
although it is true that Attraction and intelligence is a major factor aswell, in terms of turning me on and just them being fun to be with, personality is more important. looks don't matter AS much as it should to me, if your personality is nasty but you're sexy and smart. then it's a huge turn off for me.
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Old Aug 8, 2018   #9
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If you have A&I ,then you probably got nice personality lol.I mean stupids are not boring but you probably got bigger chances ,if you are an intelligent person with great charisma and you probably got better personality
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Old Aug 8, 2018   #10
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i think its kinda wrong to put attractiveness as its own thing
i guess you are referring to genetics and body, but that doesn't define what attractive is.
as long as you have a good hygene,grooming and stlye you are precieved as attractive even if you don't have the look.
what if we do personality vs body features:
well personality is defenitelly much more important than how your face/body look. why?
just look around and you will find more ugly guys with epic personalities getting hot chicks than those who look like fucking greek gods but are quite boring.
people are more attracted to those they can have more fun with. its a fact!

intellegence is defenitelly attractive aswell but its still pointless if you don't have the personality.

to make it simple: looks and intellegence are not going to get people to like you as much as (if ever) a good personality.
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