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A quick question regarding SMod
Say, i have been thinking lately... Does SMod has specific area that only they could handle it (excluding the admin)?
Clan related issues goes to Clan Squad
Event and ingame related issues goes to Event Squad
Technical related issues goes to Help Squad
Market related issues goes to Market squad
Profile customization / Greylist removal / Lost account / etc goes to admin

Or SMod is more like jack of all trade handles bit of everything yet don't have any specific area which only they could handle and become the bridge between the staff and admin?
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They dabble a little in most stuff.
But im p sure they mostly deal with reports and assist other staffgroups with the various issues they may encounter.
Also they cant do account related things other than removing / adding bans, if im not wrong.
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smods are the only ones who handle general reports (minus one or two exceptions within the last year or so)

our birds eye view of the forums and other staff groups generally also give us the flexibility to take on other roles as well, which is why you tend to see smods posting strange things in news occasionally or giving semi-official perspective in potentially controversial threads
Yep, like pouffy said while the other staff groups are specialised into certain niches smods are the only group that handle general moderation and quality control.
While lmods do this to a limited extent they are board specific and differ from smods in their inability to dole out infractions or warnings.
Smods also have somewhat of an input into rule changes and policy in general and even sometimes weighing in perspective in the other specialised areas.
I see, thanks for the information.
"0h no" -Trice
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