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your point makes sense, but that could at least be an option. I don't think every single clan has leaders as godlike authorities that holds all power and knowledge, and I don't see why the whole clan shouldn't be able to see their own situation (that is, if leaders and everyone in the clan agree with that), as I've already stated above.

I'm not really interested in the activity of my clanmates to be honest, my main interest is being able tk we see my own activity AND the clan score so far. It's kinda annoying not being able to know my clan situation without asking a leader to tell me, I honestly wouldn't mind if I could see my clan score but couldn't see other members' game count.

Again, I'm not willing be annoying and oblique saying "I want, I want" over and over again, I don't even see this as a major problem, but I really would like to have a proper response
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I think at this point this thread should be put in suggestion and/or in discussion lmao.

I agree that there should be an option to let members have access to certain things.
But as it is now, there isnt, and i dont think there will be anything like it very soon.

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agreed, this thread is going way further from a Rapid Thread.

I will think about suggesting this in S&I later, thank you.
[Vector]Aadame> dam pat with his mod skills
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