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Mudbox & MSPaint.
And as for Most commonly used for Textures you should have a Poll once the List is completed.
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If I'm allowed to make a suggestion, another good program for drawing with a tablet is Manga Studio 5 and hence can be used for textures. It's $50 from the publisher and features a plethora of tools that are useful in creating digital art. It also has support for 3D models.
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um theres a free version of sketchbook.

Thats what I use.
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also there is one you forgot or did not know: its a really good art software(although it's web based. which doesn't really matter.) i used it for my art but i'm not a very good artist tbh lol...
... example of my horrid art. but you can still do way better. it's almost like photoshop. (i think... i have only used it once before for a 3D logo so i wouldn't know) >-> meh