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Originally Posted by Daanando View Post
Hey, DisD,
Feel free to cannibalize/reuse/abuse any part of the code in my script. I did the same when I started out scripting for tb. And really, it's one of the few ways to learn tb scripting. I'd just ask for you to try and add and improve what ever you take from my script. Though it took me a while to get there, I'm sure there are a myriad of useful stuff I'd never would have come up.

Have fun!

Note: Just a little thing I learned from my experience, moves recorded in single player will not translate perfectly to multiplayer. The first 4 or 5 moves, no problem (so it's still useful for loading opening moves), but after that noticeable difference creeps in.

Yep, can testify to this. I remember begotten trying to translate some cool sp replays online, but it didn't quite work.

hey dan :>
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Thank you to authorize me to reuse part of your code!

I have to test my script in multi player which is not as easy as in single player.... I already tested but don't have paid attention of replica failure after more moves... But i think if the mod are the same then it shouldn't be a problem

Then I'll try with a friends and let you know if my script pass this test... ^^

Feel free to try before me and give the result.


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i think the problem with that when the toris dont do exactly how they are supposed to is
the Turnframe

for example in single player i make a replay wich has 2 different moves in 10 frames
but this script loads the 2 moves in 20 frames because the turnframe is set to 10 each turn

so if this could automatically change the turnframe, everything shall be good.

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back from the dead
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when i press f1 or right click the joint panel nothing happens
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Question: I'm reading carefully, but how do i load the script exactly when in-game?
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In the main menu go to Setup > Utils > Scripts
From there you choose the script and click Load.
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This is really cool cant wait for finished
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wow, you are an excellent coder.
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Thanks, hampa, that means a lot coming from you. I had fun decoding "hampa format" of the joint states.
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