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You already know wtf I mean, LV belt, Gucci Belt, any belt of any sort would be nice. I would even feel like making the OBJ model but im too lazy. It doest seem super cool, but would always be a cool thing to have.
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Oh sorry i thought he meant an adjusted tori to fit a belt.
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This is going to be a great idea. If it comes out as a 3d item i hope they can be stackable with some other 3d items
Originally Posted by GabeElite View Post
but hagan what if you could just put anything on a belt like a texture but for a belt like so but only 20k qi and above can do it and etc

but it can be used liek a body texture or so?

im not sure how that would work maybe you could test it out maybe its buggy or something anything could work.

If it would be used like a body texture what would be the resolution you are able to use like you know the 512x512 and stuff
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So I see this was elevated, which part of the idea? hagan's qi belts or clout's "designer belts"?

Or both?
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