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The Matchmaking System
I think it´s safe to say there are some issues that need fixing here.

1. There are not enough players searching for ranked games.

I have been searching for a ranked game for hours now. I cant find any games even though it says there are like 2-6 people in matchmaking. Only when I switch to unranked I find some games. I dont get why we even have the unranked option. Why not remove the unranked option completely so people actually search for ranked games.

- join unranked and ranked matchmaking together.
- maybe add some more benefits to playing ranked . Don´t get me wrong I like the season rewards but I think we need something more immediate. I think a reward that would be really fun and attract people to ranked would be a randomized reward system. (kind of like the reward system of the red button). You have a high chance of getting something crappy like chronos grip but also a small chance of getting something really awesome after every completed set of ranked games.
If you got some nice ideas post em below.
- change the mods to something the players like. (I am pretty sure people dont like lengshu/erth2k for example)

2. The ranking system. The ranks dont actually mean shit when searching for games as there is noone searching anyways. Basically you will face the only other person searching no matter your or their rank. Climbing ranks is really hard because even if you find a game its probably versus one of the best toribash players. This is probably the reason newer players try ranked 1 time and then never come back. This is also result/cause of problem 1.

-After getting more players into ranked make matchmaking based on rating a thing. Also make ranking up easier.

Okay guys this is a discussion. I would appreciate helpful criticism, suggestions, ideas etc.

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