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Old Sep 23, 2017   #1
08 Belt
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Clan: Aeon

Hey noobs
What fuckin thing(s) do you want from winning CL prizes.

Not everyone PM'ed reta so he asked me to make a thread to remind you fools.

Post your requested things here. Now.

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[17:31] <~suomynona> <3 Icky
Replay thread thing
Have any reports or issues?

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Old Sep 23, 2017   #2
Kuiper Belt
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Clan: Parrot

I'd like an orc grip please
shut up fallu

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Old Sep 23, 2017   #3
Master Belt
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Clan: Parrot

you should give out prizes when you can, not after everyone has told you what they want

because last cl some dudes from obey never told me what they wanted

I already told reta but I want warrior force
Whabb owo

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Old Sep 23, 2017   #4
Black Belt
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Clan: Parrot

I get something too? If so I want the most expensive option.
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Old Sep 23, 2017   #5
10th Dan Black Belt
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Clan: Adventure

Demon Relax

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Old Sep 23, 2017   #6
Goddess Belt
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Clan: win

void force
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Old Sep 23, 2017   #7
4th Dan White Belt
Join Date: May 2014
Posts: 1,214

Void force I guess
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Old Sep 24, 2017   #8
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Clan: Evolution

Selling/buying tc or items? PM Flow!
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Old Sep 24, 2017   #9
Turtle Belt
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Clan: Relax All

Sifu beard please.
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Old Sep 26, 2017   #10
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Clan: Team ICA


I'm Swepples
I lost at Toribash
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