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i love to learn
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chat command tutorial
Chat commands are activated with /, and can have diverse functions

- Uploads a "Shader" in the game, which is a colored background that people with shaders can benefit of.

/sm 1 - Speedometer, shows the velocity a joint travels with, the faster it goes, the harder it will hit

/spec - Enter spectators list (your name will be shown in gray, Multiplayer only)

- Enter the bout list again, use this when in example you have been kicked to the spectator's list for being AFK, or just want to unspec

/fknock - Forces players to the bottom of the bout list

/emote - Makes text appear above your head while fighting (Multiplayer only)

/altimeter 1 - Shows the height of the highest bodypart

/kick [Name of player here] - Kicks a person from your server. Auth required

/ban [IP here] - Bans an IP, type /status to display the list of IP's (Auth only)

/clear ban - Clears all bans

/help - Shows Single Player commands.

/set - See server settings (Both on Multiplayer and Single Player)

/fspec - Forces someone into Spectator status

/fenter - Forces someone in the Bout List

/lockdown - Locks the server, disabling anyone from coming in. Auth only. (Not confirmed, probably outdated)

/cl - Clear the screen from chat messages

/chl [number here] - changes number of chat lines

/re [insert desired width here] [insert height here] - changes resolution (without the brackets)

/login - [name here] [password here] - Log into your account when in a server

/status - Shows a list of IP's, and the USERID's required to kick someone. Auth only

/!report - Used to report troublemakers (not confirmed) (OUTDATED)

/pass [password here] - Used to auth, this will enable you to use admin commands on servers.

/echo [message here] - Displays a message that other people can't see. Used for picture tutorials and the like

/ZP 0 or 1 - Zooms in to either Uke or Tori

/se desc [Description here] - Changes the description of the server you are in. Auth required

/se motd [Message of the day here] - Changes the message of the day, which is displayed upon entering the server.

/option hud 0 - Removes the HUD

/search [member name here] - Shows if a user is online, and what server he is in

/join [server number here] - Joins the server number

/se mod [mod name here].tbm - Changes the current mod. The exact name must be written, capitals also included
Example: TonAkAisuX.tbm < if you don't write it the exact same way it won't work
No brackets.

/reset - Restarts the match

/set minbelt [QI here] - Sets the belt required to enter the server. In example, if you type /set minbelt 1000, you have to be black belt to enter. No brackets

/set maxbelt [QI here] - Sets the maximum belt for a server, in example, if you type /set maxbelt 1000, people higher than Black Belt can't enter.

/moveplayer 0/1 x y z - Moves the player anywhere depending on the X, Y, and Z axis coordinates

/set maxclients - Sets the amount of people that can enter a server. This can not be lower than 4, for it is considered farming and is against the rules.

/set engagedistance - Sets the engage distance in single player, only available in multiplayer when authed.

/set matchframes - Set the number of matchframes on your server. In example, /set matchframes 300 makes the server 300 frames

/set turnframes - Set the turnframes for your server. You can also vary them, by doing /set turnframes 100,30,60,60 in example. This will make the first turn 100, the second 30 and so on

/lp 1/0 [Player name here] - causes a player's set of joints and textures to substitute Uke's or Tori's
No brackets

/op Uke/Tori 0 - makes Uke or Tori dissapear, typing /op Uke/Tori 1 will get them back (Not confirmed)

/cp [Message here] - Multiplayer only, only available when Authed. Makes the text you typed appear in the middle of the screen

/an 1 - For an anaglyphic 3d mode, used for 3d glasses. Recommended because it's awesome

/dof 1 - Enables Depth Of Field, a feature apparently designed to make your computer lag

/passwd [password here] - Sets a password for your server so only friends (That know the password) can get in.

/set gravity 0.00 0.00 0.00.

Change the last 0.00 to change the gravity vertically.
Change the second 0.00 to change the gravity horizontally.
Change the first 0.00 to change the effectiveness of Gravity on the players.

/set dojosize [number] - Changes the size of the dojo

/set dq 1/0 - Puts DQ on or off on the server

/set fracture 1/0 - Turns fracture on or off

/set fracturethreshold - Sets the fracture threshold

/set dismemberment 1/0 - Turns dismemberment on or off

/set dismemberthreshold - Sets the dismemberment threshold

/set sumo 1/0 - Turns sumo on or off, sumo enables ankle and wrist DQ

/mute [player] - Mutes a player, rendering him unable to chat. Auth required.

/unmute [player] - Unmutes a player, making him able to chat in the server again. Auth required.

/set ed [number] - Sets Engage distance

/set eh - Sets Engage height


All of these options can only be enabled when typing /opt first. Repeat: Type /opt [Option here] to enable these

/score 0/1 - Hides/shows score

/timer 0/1 - Hides/shows the timer

/chat 0/1 - Hides/shows the chat window

/spectator - Hides/shows all of the bout list

/debug 0/1 - Enables/disables debug stats (what the fuck is this used for)

/name 0/1 - Hides/shows player names

/emote 0/1 - Hides/shows emotes

/button 0/1 - Enables fancy buttons, as shown in the Toribash 3.0 trailer (:O!!!)

/text 0/1 - Hides/shows all letters (not numbers) from screen

/hint 0/1 - Hides/shows the bottom text ("hit space when ready with next move")

/feedback 0/1 - Hides/shows the bottom joint info ("Right rotating lumbar")


Special thanks to everyone who helped me with this

P.S the 3.41 edition is totally stolen from Blam, will finish this later.

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what about /altimeter?
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/status - Find a players IP address/weird number for banning and kicks. (Banlazor peoples)

/kick [number] - Kicks a person from your server. (BP)

/ban [IP] - Bans a person from your server (BP)
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To see some commands. There is no server commands.

You can type /am instead of /altimeter
You can type /em instead of /emote
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type /help for single player commands, type /set for server commands. =p
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/em also works for emotes
/set to see settings
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/fspec Uses force to spectate someone
/fenter Uses force to make someone join


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/lockdown prohibits players from joining, I think. (Server admin only)

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wat /echo does ?

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thanks for this good for n00bs like me
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