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I think I have been hacked, what to do?!
If you believe your account has been stolen, first please try the forgotten password function, and if this doesn't work, then please send the relevant information to any administrator (users with red names), and wait for them to handle the problem.

Relevant information includes: The user name of the stolen account, the email you set on that account (if your email has been changed by the person who stole the account, then the old email will be recorded in the database history), and any other information you consider relevant.

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the game wont let me log in what do i do cause it only show the first letter of a word something like this: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk when i am trying to type kiramini666
Might be a PC/Laptop issue, try restarting your device, make sure nothing is stuck in the keys, unplug the keyboard if you're on PC. On laptop you may have to shut it down and hope. If there is another computer in the house, try to login using the other one, see if that's the problem, and gradually figure out what the problem is.
I probably didn't help at all, but I tried. At least to my knowledge.