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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Caution! Possible spoilers!
Important info: They are currently working on a creation kit for modders (since it's a whole new engine). Modders need not worry. A new, in-house game engine was developed specifically for this game. And from the low res scans I saw on the internet, it looks good. The game is set in a Nordic-esque (northern, obviously) province of Tamriel named Skyrim and will focus around TES dragon lore. The screenshots below are from a shitty internet scan, and screenshots from an xbox to begin with. High quality they are certainly not.

Gameplay, Quests

•You don't pick which skills are important to you in the beginning.
•The higher the skill, the more it contributes to leveling.
•Each level comes with an automatic boost in health (it doesn't say if it's based on something) and then a choice to raise your health, stamina or magicka.
•You get to pick a perk on each level-up (it says there are many of them).
•In the beginning you level up faster.
•A quest involving two trader brothers in an argument about a stolen artifact. Discounts after quest completion.
•This seems to tie in to "if you murder the shopkeeper, his sister will automatically inherit the shop, and might offer you the same quest".
•If you drop objects in towns, there is a chance that someone will pick it up and ask you about it or NPCs might fight for it. We don't know how dynamic this is.
•Quest to save a woman's daughter from kidnappers. This will tie-in with a dynamic quest system, in which the game looks for dungeons you never explored and sets the quest in one of them.
•You can sprint by expending stamina.
•No mentions about attributes, apart from health, magicka, stamina.
•No more zoom in conversations, NPCs will do something while talking to you.
•Similar system to Oblivion, where you hear a conversation and a quest or location is added.
•Farming, mining, woodcutting, cooking seem to be in - not specified to which extent.
•18 skills (21 in Oblivion, 27 in Morrowind, 35 in Daggerfall).
•Level scaling is similar to Fallout 3 style, not Oblivion.
•No more classes to pick from, nothing clear about picking some form of class during the game.
•Five schools of magic - no more Mysticism, its spells were distributed to other schools.


•Some concept art in the video shows a weapon that resembles an axe (or a halberd).
•Fighting remains true to the core action tenets of previous entries while streamlining weapon and ability usage. (Todd Howard)
•Every weapon and spell can be equipped to either hand at any time. Dual wield two of the same weapons or the same spell.
•New finishing moves, unique to each weapon and target.
•Bows take more to draw but are more powerful.
•Backpedaling in combat should be inefficient, slower speed for moving back.
•It seems you can create weapons.
•A flamethrower spell is in.
•The GI article mentions a total of 85 spells in Skyrim - Pete Hines said on Twitter: "more like effects."

Yep, dual wielding. Magic-magic, sword-sword, whatever you want.

Graphics, Interface

•Each Skill has it's own constellation represented, and each star in that constellation is a perk.
•Faces look very natural in the GI article, more distinctions between races.
•More streamlined interface, no mention of PC-specific interface or at least modifications (like with Mass Effect, for example).
•No more HUD (heads up display- Health, magicka, compass, etc
•Snow not a predefined texture, but falling naturally based on object shape. The sun is the same, based on the pictures.
•Trees and branches move independently with the wind.
•Beards are in. There might be some level of body customization, apart from the face.

Locations, Characters

•The moutain called The throat of the world, which houses High Hrothgar, home of the Greybeards. 7000 steps must be climbed to reach High Hrothgar.
•Riverwood - small logging community.
•An area called the Reach, rocky and craggy, in the western end of Skyrim.
•Five massive cities (8 total according to lore)
•Esbern - one of the few surviving blades, a mentor for the hero. Voiced by Max von Sydow.
•Alduin - also called the World Eater, a massive dragon foretold by the Elder scrolls. His triumph means the destruction of Tamriel. (main antagonist)
•Unique landscapes and unique dungeons - not much specified about this.
•7 totally different kinds of landscapes.
•Confirmed cities based on the GI video:
- Riften
- Windhelm
- Whiterun
- Solitude
•Large regions:
- Eastmarch, in eastern Skyrim, described as "volcanic tundra"
- Rift, in southeastern Skyrim, described as "fall forest"

Link to new Skyrim concept-art map, courtesy of Mavi

Link to GI video with Todd Howard: Video

A pretty in-depth analysis of the Situation in Skyrim, by Arilias:

Skyrim is traditionally divided into nine "Holds," administrative subdivisions similar to Cyrodiilic counties. Judging by the map, each Hold will be a discrete geographical region with its own look and feel. The northern and eastern Holds are known collectively as the "Old Holds," and have a large Nord majority, are the bastions of Nord traditionalism, and are ruled by hereditary aristocracy. It seems likely that the Old Holds would be the main power center for the anti-Imperial Nords. The Old Holds are as follows:

- Winterhold consists of Skyrim's northeastern coast. Winterhold contains two cities - Dawnstar, and its capital, also named Winterhold. The city of Winterhold is likely one of the game's five major cities. Winterhold is historically one of the most important power centers in Skyrim, rivaled only by Whiterun and Solitude. It is a major trading port with a flourishing economy, and is located near the ruins of Saarthal, the original capital of Skyrim. After the destruction of Morrowind, Winterhold became the home of large numbers of Dunmer refugees. It contains both the famous College of Winterhold and the Ysmir Collective, a library rescued from the destruction of Morrowind.

- Eastmarch is in eastern Skyrim, on the border with Morrowind. Eastmarch is described as "Volcanic Tundra," and its only city is Windhelm, the ancient capital of the First Empire, traditional capital of Skyrim, and one of the game's five major cities. During Tiber Septim's reign, Windhelm was an important Imperial garrison, defending the Dunmeth Pass to Morrowind..

- Rift is located in southeast Skyrim. Rift is described as "Fall Forest," and its only city is Riften. Riften is one of the game's five major cities, but we don't know much about it other than that it sits on the edge of a lake.

- The Pale is a valley, located in north-central Skyrim. It is described as "Snow" and apparently contains no cities

The remaining holds are much more cosmopolitan. With one notable exception, while these Holds may a have hereditary aristocracy, they are effectively governed by elected councils called "Moots."

- Falkreath Hold is in southwest Skyrim. It contains the city of Falkreath, but Falkreath does not appear to be one of the game's five major cities.

- The Reach consists of western Skyrim. It consists of "Canyons and Mesas." The Reach is supposedly the most cosmopolitan Hold, with large Orcish, Breton, and Imperial populations. The Reach does not appear to contain any large cities.

- Whiterun is located in south-central Skyrim. It is described as "Tundra." Whiterun contains two cities: Markarth Side and its capital, also called Whiterun, one of the game's five major cities. Whiterun contains the Throat of the World, the tallest mountain in Skyrim, and the second-tallest in all of Tamriel, after Red Mountain in Vvardenfell. At the peak of the Throat of the World is High Hrothgar, the home of the ancient greybeards, masters of the ancient Nord art of thu'um. Tiber Septim established an Imperial College of the Voice in Markarth Side to promote the study of thu'um, but in practice the College serves more as a babysitter for young Nord nobles. The city of Whiterun was once known as the "Imperial City of Skyrim," but its fortunes declined late in the Third Era. Near the end of the Third Era, the city and Hold were effectively ruled by a witch named Jsashe, a self-proclaimed "priestess of Lorkhan." According to the map, Jsashe's Coven is still the supreme ruler of Whiterun.

- A Hold of uncertain name in northwestern Skyrim, on the northwestern bank of a large river delta. It contains the city of Solitude, one of the game's five major cities and Winterhold's traditional rival as the most important city in Skyrim. Solitude is the northernmost city in Tamriel, and a major trading port. It was also the home of Potema, the "Witch-Queen of Solitude," an aunt of the Empress Kintyra who attempted to usurp the Imperial throne. There is still a movement, called the Hörme, who considers Potema and her son Uriel III to have been the last true emperors of Tiber Septim's bloodline, and actively oppose the Empire. Solitude is an ally of Dawnstar in Winterhold, and is also an active sponsor of exploratory expeditions to the Sea of Ghosts and beyond.

- Another Hold of uncertain name in northwestern Skyrim, southeast of the river delta. We know basically nothing about this one.

Skyrim's royal family all claim descent from Ysgramor, the warlord who first conquered Skyrim. When the succession is in doubt, a Moot is convened, consisting of representatives from all nine Holds, to elect the new King from the members of the royal family. Given what we know of the Skyrim Civil War, this probably didn't work.

- Story, Misc

Alduin's wall "depicts a prophecy heralding the return of Alduin to the world of the Elder Scrolls, as well as the history of the dragons and their interaction with humanity.
Each of the previous games in the Elder Scrolls series play a part in the prophecy:
- The first is the shattering of The staff of chaos, event that happened in TES: Arena.
- The return of Numidium. The golem was reassembled during TES: Daggerfall.
- The events at Red Mountain, which the Nerevarine influenced in TES: Morrowind.
- The death of Emperor Uriel Septim VII, at the start of TES: Oblivion. The end of Tamriel's Third era.
- The sons of Skyrim "spilling their own blood" in civil war and the murder of the high king of Skyrim, events with which TES: Skyrim begins.

•Confirmed the player starts again as a convict. An individual "gifted with the same incredible powers held by the dragons".
•The Dragonborn will have to understand the secrets of Alduin's wall in order to defeat him.
•The Akaviri armor worn by the Blades in the depiction on the wall originates from another continent.
•An Auto-take gold option appears in the GI video.
•It seems Crafting mode will have third-person animations for the PC. (GI video)
In the latest video, Todd Howard mentions someone is working on a Creation Kit for the game.
•More voice actors than Oblivion.
•Citizens of Skyrim turning against each other in civil war as the game begins and lesser dragons already flying across the world.
•You are the last of the Dragonborn.
•Dragons will be regular threats in the game world. They will fly into battle at unexpected times.
•Children seem to be in.
Confirmed creatures: draugr, skeletons, trolls, giants, ice wraiths, giant spiders, dragons, wolves, horses, Elk, mammoth, saber-toothed cats, werewolves.

Of course, thanks to everyone who contributes.

The OP is on the Bethesda forums and was last updated today 13/1/11


Links to good looking scans in page order (will probably be hard to read.. sorry guys).

1. (not concept art)
2. (not concept art)
3. (concept art top right?)
4. (not concept art)
5. (not concept art)
6. (not concept art)
7. (not concept art)
8. (not concept art)
9. (not concept art)
10. (concept art top)
11. (not concept art)
12. (not concept art)
13. (not concept art)

International magz
News from italian magazine about skyrim. (Note this is translated so the wording may be different than what the game ACTUALLY is.)

-Skyrim size is equal to Oblivion's Cyrodiil

-There are 5 major cities, 20 minor cities and 100+ dungeons (but we already know that)

-the creation engine is totally new, it's not based on the game bryo

-graphics look a lot better than oblivion and fallout 3

-there are fishes that jump out of the water

-the hud appears only when you fight. you will see the three status bar and the compass

-the compass will also show up when you get a new quest with a "v" quest-marker on it.

-the UI is really user freindly but it's not intended to be mouse-used

-every weapon has a damage stat and a block stat

-it appears that there are no birthsigns

-there is a separate control system for the pc

-there is a "local map" for every zone of Skyrim

-there are 100+ subquests

-it will be possibile to play after the main quest

-Steam, not gfwl. they're are disappointed with LIVE!

-you can't create spells.. (Mostly rumors, there is still a possibility you can, as the game is still 9 months away..)

-there are houses which you can buy

-there are many puzzles in the dungeons

-cities, dungeons etc will be added to the 3d map as soon as you encounter them

-water physics

-every town has an economic system

-minor cities contains 10+ buildings

-75% of the quests are dynamic. even the rewards and the quest giver are randomized

-snow is not a texture (I don't get it, why a magazine says that is a texture and the other one says the opposite?)

-bandits in the dungeons are alive and not puppet-like

-soulgems are also used to regain magicka

-"turn undead" spell confirmed

-you can set oil on fire

-there are birds

-there is NO multiplayer

-the npcs which give us the main quests are immortal

-new confirmed enemies: Dragon Priest, Yeti

-different kind of weapons work in different way with enemies (I think something like "blunt weapons do more damage to skeletons")

News from German mag. Again.. it's translated so some stuff might be lost in translation..

- Questgivers are not marked, so you learn about quests by listening to them talking with another NPC or by talking to them.

- Greybeards live on the highest mountain, they know about the dragonshouts and how to use them.

- Dragonshouts will let the player use special effects like slowing down time, but you need to restorate some kind of energy to use them again.

- Killing dragons and get hold of there souls will make the shouts even stronger.

- On the console you will be able to control each arm wih the analog sticks (left and right) independantly on the Pc with left and right on the mouse.

Edit: Pete clarified the analog stick thing:

@DCDeacon German magazine was talking about using both analog sticks for each hand in a fight, that's true? How can move then?

@BossKopp No. Triggers control your hand actions. Thumbstick controls don't change for movement, looking around, etc

- All the environment (trees, gras, snow, wind) looks extremly detailed and handmade, not generated like in Oblivion, same with the dungeons.
"8 Leveldisigners created all of the environment, handmade."

- Also the Third- Person- View looks very good.

- Radiant Story. Nothing new here, there is a management that keeps an eye on the progress, and eventually leads you in to some direction.

- Some new Pics in there (no links, you find them, tell me.)

As previously stated somewhere in this post, the HUD will only come up during battle so that supermagic compass won't constantly point you in the correct direction and/or person.

From the GI hub Pressing right takes you to the inventory. The interface is a clean cascading menu system that separates items by type. Here players can browse through weapons, armor, and other items they gather during their travel. Instead of relegating players to looking at an item’s name and stat attributes, each possession is a tangible three dimensional item with its own unique qualities. Thousands of items are fully rendered, and players can zoom in on or rotate each one. You can even get an up close view of the flowers and roots you pick for alchemy. “It becomes an interesting time sink,” Howard says. “You can look at and explore every single thing you pick up.”

Pressing left from the compass gives players access to the full list of magical items, complete with breakdowns of how the spells operate. As we mentioned in the Building Better Combat story, the world of Skyrim features over 85 spells, many of which can be used in a variety of ways.

In Oblivion, players could map eight items from their inventory onto the D-pad for easy access. Given the new two-handed approach to combat in Skyrim, Bethesda didn’t want to limit players to eight items. Instead, pressing up on the D-pad pauses the action and pulls up a favorites menu. Anything from your spell library or item inventory can be “bookmarked” to the favorites menu with the press of a button. How many items appear on that menu is up to each player. Bethesda isn’t placing a cap on the number of favorite items, so theoretically you could muck it up with every single item you own. Though you can choose how many items appear, you can’t determine the order; items and spells are listed alphabetically.

Pressing down in the compass menu pulls the camera perspective backward to reveal a huge topographical map of Skyrim. Here players can zoom around to explore the mountain peaks, valley streams, and snowy tundras that populate the northern lands. Pulling the camera as far away as possible gives you a great respect for the size of the game world. From the map view players can manage quest icons, plan their travel route, or access fast travel.

Finally, pressing up in the compass menu turns your gaze up toward the heavens. In previous games, astrology played a large role in character creation. Though Skyrim abandons the class structure in favor of a "you are what you play" philosophy, Bethesda is preserving the player’s ties to star signs.

Races and their new looks

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I LOVE The Elder Scrolls series!
Big fan of Morrowind and Oblivion, here. Definitely two of my favorite games ever.
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Looking forward to this.
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EDIT: just watched the trailer. 11/11/11? fu-
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You must have posted this minutes after it was shown on the VGAs(It was shown on there, right?).

Anyway, I'm pretty hyped about this game.
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Very hyped about this.
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YES. Totally hyped about this, can't wait :u
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omh, thx for posting
had no idea it was going to come out so soon!
Time for a new PC and a long vacation off work
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Major fan of TES. I'm looking forward to racking up so many hours on this.
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Yay, new Elder Scrolls. I love TES, so this will be great, I hope. Looking forward to it.
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