Toribash World Championship 2019
I already let him know why this may happen, he acknowledged and agreed he understood what I was saying and agreed.

Maybe he didn't think I was serious? Players normally learn sooner or later I mean what I say and I say what I mean.

maybe one more chance because i know i can do better for you guys i wanna try to contribute this time. I been with you guys for a long time and i really miss this family.

evo forever, and evo til i die
Hi wounder, we don't need petty trolls invading our clan board so I'm gonna say this only once.
Don't post anywhere in our board again.

On a side note regarding your comment-
Why have we been here longer than you if you're wondering why anyone would ever want to join us?
Poor naive soul...

<---- Also my avatar is for you, enjoy <3


-Past Clans:Tank, Pyramid, Old

-Past accounts/Alt accounts:none

-Why do you still play Toribash today?
The drive and determination to get better at replay making and seeing other players who are better than me accomplish things I hope to accomplish as well really is why I still continue to play.

-What do you hope to achieve, accomplish in the future as a player of Toribash?
Become somewhat known in the community as a replay maker and as a player in general. Right know only a few people really know what i'm capable of but I hope for things to change.

-Why do you want to join [eVo]?
I know a few peeps who feel good to talk and play with. Also some of these other clans are l a m e.

-What can you bring to [eVo]?
Hopefully I could bring activity and I could provide decent replays for you guys.

-Do you have any friends in [eVo]? If so who?
(This does not mean KNOW OF, this means who do you socialize and play with.)
These are a bit of a stretch but Azazel, Eviltorified, and Reptile

Would you be willing to have a voice chat with [eVo] Members via Discord?
Once I get a better mic yeah.
Please tell us some information about yourself, the more the better:
My real name is Justus Spillman, I live in California, and I was previously known as Asfall. I'm a straight male, no girlfriend though. I'm stupid in the sense that I don't do every well in school. I don't spar as often as i'm focusing on more SP replays than anything.

My discord:rifle#8065
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Peeing in my coffee mug.