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Presenting: "The GM Mod Pack"
The Gamemasters have been hosting the typical tourney mods for a long long time, and it starts to become a little repetitive. So, there was an idea brought up: For there to be a new range of mods purely for tournaments. These mods would bring new elements to the mods that you all know and love. The mods that have been 'improved' are: aikido.tbm, wushufixed.tbm, judo.tbm, taekkyon.tbm.

Special thanks to SpaceLlama for coming up with the idea of the GM Mod Pack, and to Yoyo (Wooshu, TKNinja, Jircle, Greykido_Arena) and Ed (Edikido) and Dexter (Edikido) for producing the mods for us to all enjoy.

ALAS, we bring you: "The GM Mod Pack".
This mod pack contains 5 of the newly improved mods.

These include:

Basically, this mod is aikido.tbm with a huge twist. Instead of a dojo, there are multiple smaller pads on the ground. After falling from a starting height, you manouver across these pads without touching the floor beneath them, and try to dq your opponent. The pads are grab-able, therefore it requires great skill to move across the pads and judge when to lash out at your opponent, and when to try save yourself from dqing.


This is taken off the judo.tbm mod. Except, there is now an element of skill brought into it. We've added a small round dojo without dq which allows for the players to try save themselves when limbs are ripped off. I like to think of this one as "Judo without the bullshit".


Wushu with a new element results in... A square dojo that is just big enough for you heels to fit, meaning that there is no running. Also, the ability to grab has been added in, so that if you are about to go flying out from a kick or something, you may grab onto your opponent and attempt to recover. Makes for a very fun tournament.


Taekkyon can be a boring experiance for everyone. That's why we've added something to make things more... Entertaining. We've added: A SWORD! That's right, everything is the same, except now there is something to beat those annoying snap-kickers. Presicion strikes could end up winning you the game. But you can also parry and throw a kick in somewhere.


This is a smaller version of Greykido_Arena. Again, dq on the floor, and the aim is to stick to the mats. Again, you must concentrate on keeping yourself placed on the mats. But with the area being smaller. And the mats being closer together. It makes for a very fun mod indeed.


Download the file attached to this post, follow the instructions on how to install the mod (clearly stated within the text file), and then keep an eye out for these mods to be hosted in tourneys.
Have fun guys!
~The GM Team.
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PM Erth, he loves it.
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Originally Posted by snake View Post
Greykido_Arena: plates are way too far from each other, and players also.
so i guess matches will end up like ppl will stay on start, grab plates, and just shaking their legs, trying to harm each other..
if plates will be closer to each other and no grab, even with same distance, it could be better.. more like aikido nograb, or ninjutsu arena, or what ever... mb some dq timeout will be good also...

Wooshu: as i stated before
i dont see how wooshu.tbm connected with wushu...
dont like this shit at all.. 1)grabs.. 2)tiny dojo.. wushu is about comebacks and such... and this mod... cant say that i like dt also..
may be games in this mod will be faster then in normal one, but this would not be wushu anymore...
Mod as it is right now is just about openers.
This is not wushu.
This is 50 turnframes judo.

Greykido_Arena is fantastic the way it is.

And the connection between Wushu and Wooshu is that they share common ancestry, you see the way these mods were thought of was like: "Okay so we have shit, what are the many ways we can apply it to toribash" thus wushu and wooshu were made among other mods.
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Originally Posted by Hippybob View Post
Greykido_Arena is fantastic the way it is.

we will see...
Originally Posted by Hippybob View Post
And the connection between Wushu and Wooshu is that they share common ancestry....

but still this is just a judo with 50 turnframes...
tell me about aikido
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I actually like your suggestions for greykido_arena.
Maybe you could make a thread in suggestions?
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so getin these mods
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