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Old Aug 1, 2011   #1
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Minibash v.0.1
We are beta testing a new flash game for the forum and iPhone.

Please post any suggestions or bugs in this thread.

Ok, fixed the first bugs:
- Training Strength menu wasn't updating correctly
- You didn't get your account - it should say your username in the top right corner
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Old Aug 1, 2011   #2
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Sounds awesome, hopefully itll come out for android soon

Wow i just got demoloshed by hampa twice...its pretty damn awesome

Have anything you want to sell? Feel free to PM me

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Old Aug 1, 2011   #3
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Nice, now I don't need to reinstall toribash from someone's computer again!
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Old Aug 1, 2011   #4
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Although it isn't Toribash, it has that feel. Great little game that I hope to see a bit of development on. Fun an addicting as always. ;)
Selling tc. Pm me for info.

That @#w#@ guy is pretty cool.

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Old Aug 1, 2011   #5
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this will make my android more awesome

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Old Aug 1, 2011   #6
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Really awesome, now i can play toribash on my iphone too. Best thing ever! I really like it.
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Old Aug 1, 2011   #7
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Hampa, This is the shit!
Cool!! Toribash in the Iphone!
Thats just badass.
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Old Aug 1, 2011   #8
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Old Aug 1, 2011   #9
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Nice idea hampa.
I can play Toribash on IPhone now.
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Old Aug 1, 2011   #10
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Very cool! Played for 10 minutes or so. Nice little game.

The only suggestions I have are:

-When the blue player wins, it doesn't really show how they won. Even if the red guy has more points. Make that more clear.

-Make the "Retry" and "Next Challenge" actual buttons so you can see them being clicked.

Just tiny little things. Again, very cool game.
I love leel <3
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