Toribash World Championship 2019
Greetings future victims friends.... My name is MentalTrap you may know me better as THE LOXY and the following is my application to this fine establishment.

I enjoy the finer things in life monocles, top hats, stuffing people in my dungeon, and playing toribash. I have a great sense of humor just ask the specific people that i tell you to (no one else they all lie anyway). I'm pretty laid back if you have an issue just step into this dark basement and we can talk about it.

My reason for wanting to join Enigma is i have seen the slander and i would like the chance to clear my good name. Us loxys are quite misunderstood we are a proud and noble people who would never hurt anyone (the court case was dropped they had no proof!)
. I feel that as an enigma this is where i belong

In lieu of an essay i wrote a short poem about spaghetti

I Like Spaghetti when it's fresh
Meatballs taste best, when made of flesh
Parsley leaves and parmesan
Noodles like guts, strewn on the lawn

Down in my dungeon, I cook it up
Boiling pots, victims out of luck
Red sauce aplenty, and oh so thick
From healthy bodies, never the sick
And a special spice, just a bit of Aelise
never forget, may she rest in peace
I got a insta-hard-on from your poem.

Bravo, erectile dysfunction has been solved!