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Old Jun 9, 2008   #1
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~ Mod Tutorials Here ~
In an effort to make the sticky's more organized, I'm creating a thread where anyone and everyone who has made a mod tutorial can post a link to it. Post a link to your mod tutorial and I will add your name and link to the list.

please do not post the entire tutorial here, post LINKs to the post or the tutorial itself only, Thank you.

MrPoptart - my complete modding tutorial
Jam0864 - Jam0864's modding tutorial
blkk - tips and tricks on starting and finishing a mod
Clockworkmonkey - Mod Maker Documentation

____culapou's Weekly Mod Mini Tutorials____
Week 1: Basic Making and Saving
Week 2: Advanced Worldbuilder and Basic Notepad
Week 3: Intermediate Notepad Editing
Week 4: Advanced Notepad & Basic Body Editing
Week 5: Weapons Special!
Week 6: Body Modding

_______________Older Tuts_______________
DaHandy - Learn the basics of modding and to use the functions
Buszmen - How to experiment with test mod

_____________Additional Tools_____________
Smilies2 - Modding Tools
Clockworkmonkey - Mod Triggers Documentation

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Old Jun 21, 2008   #2
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Thanks for the apport
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Old Jul 29, 2008   #3
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i made swords and chopped the dudes head off lol
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Old Nov 30, 2008   #4
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how do I make mods? (I already know how to make the script I just don't know how to make it a working mod)
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Old Dec 3, 2008   #5
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after you finish your mod, save it as a .tbm and put it into your mods folder. It should then show up on the in game menu.
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Old Dec 4, 2008   #6
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im trying to get mods from these fourms to work and i dont understand how to move around files and things of that sort...and i have a vista if it may cause a difference i wish i had some step by step directions because well i still dont get it )=
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Old Dec 7, 2008   #7
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scracth my last post i found out how finnaly!

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Old Jan 1, 2009   #8
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Multiplayer mods have to be uploaded and approved.

Also, this isn't the place to ask questions, I believe?
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Old Jan 27, 2009   #9
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Old Feb 2, 2009   #10
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how do you make a mod plz pm me how thx
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