Toribash World Championship 2019
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Jisse's first hacked spar! (Movie inspired)
So I've moved on to a harder kind of hacking (I usually just remove Uke and changing settings). It turned out better than I thought, but there's still a lot of room for improvement.
Also note how I learned all of this by my self, and the very poor effort I put into the non hacked parts.
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I think that it's a pretty cool spar, is it for that ragdoll tournament thing? I was wondering because I was watching one of Oblivion's replays and it was somewhat like that.

Really cool.
Nice spar :P
That first jump was awesome, the rest I could tell you focused more on the hacking. I don't hack replays, besides teleportation, but try to make it so that the tori flys back immediately when Ukes foot hit you. I could see a couple frames in between the kick and the knockback. Fun to watch though.
What movie inspired you?
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Fun to watch though.
What movie inspired you?

That was sort of the point :P

Things like this: