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In game notification system
How bout an ingame notification system
Which will tell you about latest news
New pm and recent post in clan thrread
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I am psychotic that's why I do that LOL
I agree on this actually, would help a lot for clans. This could even be a motivation for people to go on forums.
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Or if you are not too lazy you could use

It shows all the new posts and what not so you can keep an eye on who is posting where.

On Topic: I Think this will be good for like PM notifications since a lot of people duel with out duel mode. You can see if the item is sent quicker, or if someone wants to get a hold of you and your busy ingame.
Another possibility is highlighting the servers in which your clan members or buddies are
Challenge what's impossible
I am psychotic that's why I do that LOL
In-game Notifications.
It's like getting forum notifications, messages, replies etc etc

But in-game with a button type sound tada.
Very Nice
I don't know I feel like it would be really annoying for marketeers, but I guess you would be able to set it as an option. Although I do not see it to be necessary, toribash has way more important improvements to make.


In-game Private Message Notifications
Like say at the bottom of the screen in-game could be where it is located. Simply notifying you while you are in-game that you have a message on the forum.

Just an idea, could be tough to program.
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In-game Push Notifications
What about in-game push notifications. I'm not sure how difficult this may be or if anybody has came up with it. I know a lot of you may be PMing someone any play in-game while you wait for a response. So I thought it may be a good idea to add something that pops up either in chat or something of that sort.

This would help a lot of those who multitask between forums and in-game. Please let me know what you think about this and feel free to ask questions about this. Questions may help develops the idea into a more understandable and reasonable idea if you don't think it is already.
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Yeah I doubt that will happen.

Instead of waiting for a response and refreshing every 2 minutes, you might consider checking the forums every 1-2 hours.
The PM won't run away.
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